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January 20, 2010  4:14 PM

IBM signs Panasonic onto cloud computing SaaS collaboration suite

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

IBM recently inked an important agreement with Panasonic, which is ditching Microsoft Exchange for IBM’s LotusLive collaborative SaaS product. Panasonic will deploy LotusLive to its work force of more than 300,000, which many say makes this the largest enterprise cloud computing deal yet. Continued »

January 18, 2010  7:13 PM

Mergers highlight the relationship of BPM and SOA

Mike Pontacoloni Profile: Mpontacoloni

Several recent mergers have changed the BPM landscape. Earlier this month Progress picked up Savvion, IBM moved to purchase Lombardi in December, and in July Software AG made an offer for IDS Scheer. Continued »

January 18, 2010  6:38 PM

SpringSource moves dmServer to Eclipse, “OSGi not ready for the enterprise”

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

SpringSource CTO Adrian Coyler recently wrote that his company submitted a proposal to move development of its dm Server over to, henceforth known as the Virgo project. In explaining why this up-and-coming technology was turned over to Eclipse, Coyler said OSGi may show a lot of promise, but it is still too complex for most enterprises.

While the dm Server follows the rising trend in modular application development, Coyler said at this point OSGi is the sort of framework a company invests in to see a payback over time. Most enterprise application development, however, looks to solve problems in a more quick and agile fashion. Continued »

January 11, 2010  7:24 PM

Progress Software acquires BPM vendor Savvion for $49m

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

Progress Software, a vendor of SOA, database and integration tools, announced its acquisition of business process management provider Savvion today for $49 million cash. The move broadens the already wide scope of products offered by Progress to include its first BPM offering.

Progress CTO John Bates said Savvion was attractive particularly because its offering includes business rules and document management, as well as event and analytic engines. Also important, he said, were Savvion’s pre-built process models for a number of industry verticals, including financial services, healthcare, communications and others.

Savvion is a privately held company out of Santa Clara, Calif.

January 11, 2010  7:16 PM

Challenging times for Java

Mike Pontacoloni Profile: Mpontacoloni

by Jack Vaughan

About 15 years along, Java continues to gain as an influential force in modern middleware. No matter what the future holds, it is clear that Java has brought new homogeneity to computing. Java’s biggest mid-tier value has been in J EE (formerly J2E), which has standardized many proprietary bits that once made integration development a bastion of one-offs. EJBs, JSPs, JMS, JDBC and other Java-influenced standards have changed the landscape. Before Java—and surely the CORBA crew and the Web services movement deserve a shout out here—distributed computing was for rocket scientists, there were multi various 4GLs and there were almost infinite point-to-point integrations. Continued »

January 11, 2010  7:02 PM

BMC Software acquires Phurnace, enhances Java app deployment automation

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

Systems management software vendor BMC Software this month announced its acquisition of Phurnace Software, a provider of tools for automated Java application deployment, for an undisclosed sum.

Phurnace has built its business, in part, by addressing a problem that a 2009 Hurwitz & Associates report found to be a fairly significant source of downtime in Java-based web applications: configuration errors. Continued »

January 10, 2010  3:54 PM

TIBCO buys Foresight, strenthening B2B transaction offerings and healthcare market ties

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

On January 8 TIBCO, a provider of infrastructure and integration software, acquired Foresight for an undisclosed sum. The company brings to TIBCO experience with transaction automation software and EDI for health care markets. Continued »

January 7, 2010  8:45 PM

Orderly: A lighter JSON Schema, if you will

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Joe McKendrick has an interesting post about a cool new schema.  It relates to JSON, and is meant to give JSON apps data handling capabilities that are a bit more robust. Continued »

January 7, 2010  7:44 PM

IBM explores OData

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

It is interesting when Microsoft describes an Open Data Protocol (OData) protocol to let .NET clients grab data from data sources via a REST interface working with ADO.NET Data Services.  It is interesting again when the IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST data service also implements HTTP client using OData and ADO.NET Data Services. Just before Christmas, IBM announced full product integration with support. This means such apps can run on grid – can cloud be far behind?

January 4, 2010  9:00 PM

Forrester points to 2010 changes in application development

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Cloud computing platforms, low-cost application frameworks and more nimble development are among the top changes for application development in 2010, according to Forrester Research.  The information is in a report written by analysts Mike Gualtieri, John Rymer and Jeffrey Hammond, among others. Continued »

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