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September, 2008


September 30, 2008  5:35 PM

Look back at Oracle Open World 2008

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Oracle development

Oracle Open World has come and gone and once again it overflowed San Francisco's Moscone Center with the usual results: A barrage of announcements of products and initiatives mixed with some showmanship and a bit of proud posturing. Let's look at a few key takeaways. Oracle has improved its...

September 26, 2008  4:31 PM

Browser War: Beneath the Chrome is the Gears

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

Patrick Mueller is a CTO Team person at IBM Rational. He also is a heck-of-a blogger. His take on Chrome is of interest because he goes right straight to the asychronous messaging model implcit in the Gears implmentation at the heart of the Google Chrome browser

One of the downers, for...

September 24, 2008  12:46 PM

IBM vs. standards bodies?

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Development, IBM, Microsoft, SOA, SOA standards, XML

Can major vendors buy standards bodies' approval for specifications that support their products? Continued »

September 22, 2008  2:40 PM

Is BPM Business Re-Engineering in sheep’s clothing?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Complex Event Processing (CEP)

We note here the untimely passing of Michael Hammer. Hammer coined the term "Re-Engineering," and started an influential trend to remove unneeded layers of bureaucracy from organizations. The 'flat' organization of today owes much to Mike...

September 17, 2008  12:44 PM

It’s official: IONA is part of Progress

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Progress Software, SOA infrastructure

Lost in all the bustle of a news-rich early September was the word that Progress Software closed the deal to acquire IONA Technologies plc. Some details..

Progress acquired IONA...

September 15, 2008  2:46 PM

MapReduce-driven DB alternatives sited

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Business Intellegence, Data integration

People who cover technology long enough tend to see new things in the light of past new things. If you look at MapReduce, a parallel data architecture devised by Google, it does seem like something of a threat to the unbridled growth of the RDBMS.

September 12, 2008  4:02 PM

Oslo – What it is

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, SOA development

Someday, maybe too not soon, Oslo will cease to be whatever someone wants it to be. In other words, Microsoft will disclose enough about the Oslo marchitecture for a consensus of people to decide what it is. Fortunately, Don Box is blogging a bit and we'll get a bit more inkling.

September 11, 2008  2:53 PM

XTP limits?

Posted by: Heather Clancy
event-driven architecture, Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP), IBM, Oracle development

Extreme transaction processing (XTP) has limits that have nothing to do with its 500+ transactions per second performance. The limits are in its applicability in applications, which may benefit from grid technology, but may not require extreme processing, says Mike Piech, senior director of Oracle...

September 5, 2008  2:10 PM

When SOA met WOA, or Building applications that work while buzz pesters you

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise mashups, SOA infrastructure, SOA registry/repository

SOA has had a bit of a rough summer. The Best and Brightest of the SOA bloggers have publicly ruminated long and lamentably on SOA’s future. There has been a bit of SOA fatigue in evidence. Could it be because many SOA projects are ready to roll out and some people want to be elsewhere when one...


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