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Server Farming: Sun Microsystems provides storage, hard drive wiping services
Server Farming: Server sales suffer on economy, virtualization; vendors branching out
Server Farming: Dell shipping Egenera PAN Manager on PowerEdge servers - finally
Server Farming: Rackable Systems ships 12 V server motherboards; no 12 V enclosure plans yet
Server Farming: Will Facebook-style features increase value and accuracy in CMDBs?
Server Farming: AMD ships more efficient, faster versions of 45nm Opteron CPU
Server Farming: Intel lowers Xeon prices on declining CPU sales
Server Farming: Gartner warns users of multi-core processing hazards
Server Farming: NFL's biggest game supported by IBM's smallest system
Server Farming: HP to add SSD memory option to servers
Server Farming: Intel: Mega data centers sucking up chips
Server Farming: TPC describes upcoming server power efficiency benchmark
Server Farming: Sun Microsystems SPARC Enterprise T5440 server rocks, user says
Server Farming: Tideway's latest mapping software offers data center clarity
Server Farming: Cisco's Unified Computing System strategy; smart move?
Server Farming: Is open source affiliation keeping upstart systems management tools out of the enterprise?
Server Farming: Intel set to release "Nehalem" Xeon processors
Server Farming: Google's server recipe no longer secret
Server Farming: Boston Marathon website prepares for traffic surge
Server Farming: IBM paying Sun users to abandon SPARC following rejection
Server Farming: Rackable acquires Silicon Graphics, takes SGI name
Server Farming: Intel breaks another record; biggest anti-trust fine ever
Server Farming: Shocking news of the day: Intel delays Itanium again
Server Farming: Forty-foot Unix history poster will dominate your office
Server Farming: Quest for power efficient servers leads vendors to PC chips
Server Farming: Server sales tank as folks stretch hardware life cycles
Server Farming: New open source IT management tool: Lighter-weight than Nagios, more granular than Cacti
Server Farming: Cisco's timing for Unified Computing System - a tad off?
Server Farming: Sun Microsystems scraps Rock project as Oracle ownership nears
Server Farming: Powering up your blade servers: Some interesting numbers
Server Farming: HP users mostly apathetic to Oracle-Sun merger
Server Farming: Anti-trust regulators not giving Oracle-Sun early clearance
Server Farming: Report: Intel to release new server chips in early August
Server Farming: IBM has most energy efficient supercomputers
Server Farming: Oracle-Sun merger likely to take some time, thanks to regulators
Server Farming: UltraSparc T2 chip gets speed bump
Server Farming: Details on the upcoming Power7 processor
Server Farming: Today is the 10th Annual Sysadmin Day
Server Farming: IT job losses slow, Canada posts net tech jobs gain
Server Farming: Should Gmail have more than three nines of availability?
Server Farming: opens call for entries on Products of the Year
Server Farming: More on the pending Oracle-Sun acquisition
Server Farming: Gartner analyst compares Itanium to Marmite
Server Farming: Some IT predictions from IDC
Server Farming: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 won't run on Intel Itanium
Server Farming: European Commission approves Oracle acquisition of Sun
Server Farming: Big Oracle Sun event today
Server Farming: The x86 server processor market revival
Server Farming: RedMonk analyst Stephen O'Grady's take on Oracle-Sun's x86 future
Server Farming: Looks like Intel will announce a new Itanium on Monday
Server Farming: So is Itanium back on track?
Server Farming: IBM's Power7 big iron will have DC power inputs
Server Farming: Hewlett-Packard reports mixed quarterly hardware revenue results
Server Farming: Comparing Intel Xeons: 32nm 5600s v. 45nm 5500s
Server Farming: Cisco waiting for Intel Nehalem EX to announce Xeon servers
Server Farming: List of AMD partners doesn't include IBM, Cisco, Oracle/Sun...yet
Server Farming: Cisco UCS news: Blah, blah, blah?
Server Farming: Microsoft Windows Server to end support on Itanium
Server Farming: IBM adds to Power7 server portfolio with blades
Server Farming: Report: Oracle to drop AMD servers
Server Farming: Service-Now, Nimsoft update systems management tools
Server Farming: TPC announces results of its energy specification for servers
Server Farming: Ex-Sun developer, Illumos launches OpenSolaris derivative
Server Farming: RIP OpenSolaris, says leaked Oracle memo
Server Farming: So why was HP CEO Mark Hurd really fired?
Server Farming: Jonathan Eunice weighs in on converged infrastructure servers
Server Farming: OpenSolaris governing board disbands
Server Farming: Can a cloud replace a cluster?
Server Farming: Emerson rolls out new server rack for simple equipment installation
Server Farming: Oracle Open World data center news and photos
Server Farming: SolarWinds rolls out failover additions to its management suite
Server Farming: Head to head video: Ellison gets cloud computing religion
Server Farming: HP executive moves infused with Oracle flavor
Server Farming: Ellison continues to "advise" HP
Server Farming: Data center services stocks take it on the chin
Server Farming: BMC improves inline software upgrade process, rolls out Control M v7
Server Farming: Converged infrastructure certifications come online
Server Farming: IT execs wave $50 billion budget purse to drive cloud computing standards
Server Farming: Gartner: Data storage growth is the top challenge for IT organizations
Server Farming: Cfengine rolls out Nova 2.0, pushes users toward commercial offering
Server Farming: Fujitsu turns blade server on its head
Server Farming: Data center cost reduction strategies from Gartner
Server Farming: Gartner: Converged infrastructure push will intensify, hide your wallet
Server Farming: Gartner: rookie virtualization mistakes to avoid
The Virtualization Room: The best tip series and welcome to our blog!
The Virtualization Room: Database in the (virtual) machine
The Virtualization Room: Virtualization security: The dark side of the force
The Virtualization Room: Is VMware picking on Microsoft unfairly?
The Virtualization Room: Microsoft responds to VMware accusations — sort of
The Virtualization Room: Blogs evaluate VMware’s attack on Microsoft virtualization licensing
The Virtualization Room: VMware VI3, Microsoft Virtual Server, XenSource XenServer, Virtual Iron, etc… — Living Together in Harmony
The Virtualization Room: Windows Server virtualization calculator
The Virtualization Room: A Parallels Universe
The Virtualization Room: Something else fishy about that MS/Novell Deal
The Virtualization Room: The debut of Virtual Iron 3.5 - Hype or Huzzah?
The Virtualization Room: VMware ROI Calculator
The Virtualization Room: P2V blues: Physical-to-virtual migration mishaps
The Virtualization Room: Veeam reports on ESX
The Virtualization Room: Xen and the Theory of RHEL-ativity
The Virtualization Room: Server Virtualization Blog joins Technorati