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SAP Watch: Can Silicon Valley help bail out Detroit?
SAP Watch: Partly cloudy for SAP?
SAP Watch: SAP interview preparation
SAP Watch: Does investing in IT make sense now?
SAP Watch: SAP Watch is moving to a new home
SAP Watch: Who’s shopping for Business Objects?
SAP Watch: SAP customers: What’s your Unicode strategy?
SAP Watch: SAP and its customer relationships
SAP Watch: Will more companies halt SAP projects?
SAP Watch: What are your SAP resolutions in the New Year?
SAP Watch: Will third-party support get a verdict?
SAP Watch: What’s the real trend in failed SAP projects?
SAP Watch: Welcome to our new blog location on IT Knowledge Exchange
SAP Watch: Who’s ready to upgrade now?
SAP Watch: SAP: We’re not restricting customers from seeking third-party support
SAP Watch: Is certification the ticket to a more successful SAP implementation?
SAP Watch: Where will SAP’s new North American leader find new customers?
SAP Watch: What will SAP’s sustainable software look like?
SAP Watch: Who wants SAP on the iPhone?
SAP Watch: It’s a buyer's market for software
SAP Watch: Keeping the talent, and finding the time, for strategic SAP projects
SAP Watch: SAP to NetSuite: “Impact on our business is negligible”
SAP Watch: Going green kicks off SAP Virtualization week
SAP Watch: Easing your fears of SAP virtualization support
SAP Watch: What does SAP have to say about the Oracle-Sun deal?
SAP Watch: SAP makes Business Suite 7 available -- should you upgrade?
SAP Watch: SAP vs. Oracle: Who’s ahead in the count on the maintenance fee issue?
SAP Watch: Four SAP products that can save you money now, according to execs…
SAP Watch: SAP still trying to bring cloud computing down to earth
SAP Watch: SAP maps out its sustainability strategy at Sapphire
SAP Watch: Could Oracle be making an entrance into SAP’s SMB market with Virtual Iron?
SAP Watch: Will SAP buy Tibco?
SAP Watch: What does SAP’s new SaaS strategy spell for the NetSuites of the world?
SAP Watch: Tips for successful SAP implementations
SAP Watch: Who’s taking ERP market share from SAP, Oracle?
SAP Watch: As Oracle advances Fusion middleware, what’s SAP’s next move?
SAP Watch: Is there innovation in SAP’s SCM software strategy?
SAP Watch: What’s SAP’s next move in a consolidating middleware market?
SAP Watch: The business of making good SaaS…that’s good for business
SAP Watch: Predicting the next move in the predictive analytics software market
SAP Watch: Outliers: Some SAP customers not focusing on quick projects, quick SAP ROI
SAP Watch: SAP responds to slow install of SAP BusinessObjects Service Pack 2
SAP Watch: What SAP product or service would make your life easier?
SAP Watch: As Oracle’s day in the Sun inches closer, SAP continues to sunblock
SAP Watch: Will Rimini Street, and third-party support, be drawn into Oracle’s lawsuit against SAP?
SAP Watch: Have ARRA reporting requirements stimulated software purchases?
SAP Watch: Why the wait for Business ByDesign?
SAP Watch: Moving SAP, hardware and all, into the cloud
SAP Watch: Does SAP have to give away CRM?
SAP Watch: What's next for SAP sustainability?
SAP Watch: Checking in from SAP TechEd 2009
SAP Watch: Jon Reed: SAP to start paying more attention to R/3 users
SAP Watch: Automated GRC management for SAP security administrators
SAP Watch: SAP not only talks the talk of sustainability, it walks the walk
SAP Watch: SAP weighs in on Oracle-Sun, Wall Street Journal
SAP Watch: What do you want to see from SAP?
SAP Watch: ASUG will improve in the New Year
SAP Watch: Developing the right supply chain sustainability software
SAP Watch: The Top 10 SAP Watch blog posts of 2009
SAP Watch: Why SAP's 2010 market strategy should matter to you now
SAP Watch: Wal-Mart, SAP and sustainability
SAP Watch: The lingering effects of SAP’s bungled Enterprise Support rollout
SAP Watch: Guest blog: McDermott and Hagemann Snabe are the right men for the job
SAP Watch: What if Shai Agassi never left SAP?
SAP Watch: What’s next for SUGEN?
SAP Watch: Will 2010 be the year of the SAP upgrade?
SAP Watch: Should SAP buy Sybase?
SAP Watch: SaaS scores lower than on-premise in business benefits
SAP Watch: Could a stronger partnership with Microsoft be in SAP’s future?
SAP Watch: Early SAP GRC customers discuss their experiences
SAP Watch: Suitemates capitalizes on the down with big ERP trend
SAP Watch: Beyond Facebook and Twitter: SAP vs. Oracle on social media
SAP Watch: Does SAP’s TechniData buy signal that the market is heating up for sustainability software?
SAP Watch: Security gets clearer in the cloud when it comes to mobile
SAP Watch: SuccessFactors wins Walmart deal
SAP Watch: What’s SAP building with Vblocks?
SAP Watch: Sapphire 2010: Innovation on the iPad
SAP Watch: Users tout the benefits of in-memory at Sapphire
SAP Watch: Marin County sues Deloitte: Is it really SAP’s problem?
SAP Watch: SUGEN to tackle BusinessObjects product roadmaps
SAP Watch: Can Boies really work his magic on third-party support?
SAP Watch: Can SAP innovate quickly and quietly?
SAP Watch: Where’s the innovation around SAP maintenance and support?
SAP Watch: SAP and CA partnership boosts SAP’s position in GRC market
SAP Watch: SAP ROI chief amongst customers’ concerns
SAP Watch: The fine print from the SAP-Sybase roadmap
SAP Watch: Bringing SAP’s customer network down to earth
SAP Watch: SAP Solution Manager: The true centerpiece of SAP’s strategy?
SAP Watch: Betting more BOBJ customers on business analytics
SAP Watch: CSCMP 2010 keynote speaker touts supply chain globalization, simplicity
SAP Watch: For SAP users, when will on-demand really be in-demand?
SAP Watch: Is SAP buying BMC?
SAP Watch: When are better roadmaps going to be a selling point?
SAP Watch: And we’re off
SAP Watch: SAP and the private cloud
SAP Watch: Week two: Blow darts, $500 million, and still no Leo
SAP Watch: Users share strategies for ensuring an SAP project doesn’t fail
SAP Watch: Latest in SAP vs. Oracle -- McDermott: 'I am sorry'
SAP Watch: Week four: And the winner is…Oracle
SAP Watch: Private cloud party getting more crowded