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Convert time stamp to dd/mm/yy
Convert time to GMT time
convert to date
Convert to date format
Convert to PDF
Convert UNIX files into Windows files
Convert Varchar(max) to XML
Convert WRKACTJOB to DB file
convert XML to string
Convert/Migrate Lotus Notes Client Applications to Web
Convert/Supress non UTF-8 to UTF-8 on as/400 while CPYTOSTMF
Converted from a Twinax connection to TCP/IP on a Iseries/AS400. We are printing to a HP4100 attached to a network thru a RMTOUTQ (remote output queue)
Converter Solaris 8 p2v VMWare ESX
Converting .XML to .PDF on the AS/400
Converting a character to numeric
Converting a command to a Database File
Converting a Layer 3 Switch to a Layer 2 Switch
Converting a log file in C#
Converting a Lotus Notes email to a To Do Task
converting a macro
converting a numeric to character
Converting a PDF file to a EPD file
converting a point shapefile to a polyline shapefile
Converting a Report in Access to PDF
Converting a spool file on the iSeries/AS400 to a .PDF
Converting a varchar to a numberic in SQL query
converting a workgroup to a domain
Converting amount in character field to numeric in rpgle
Converting and deploying 6i Forms to Forms 10g
Converting AS/400 calender date to julian date
Converting AS/400 negative numeric to character with leading zeros
converting character to numeric in query/400
Converting data field into hours, minutes, seconds.
converting data files
Converting Data in Excel to PF on DB2/400
Converting data on LTO tapes
Converting data to SQL Server data with the DTS wizard
converting date + time into timestamp
Converting date time in C#
Converting date values in AS/400 database
Converting datetime (time portion) to varchar
Converting double byte characters to single byte characters in a single string
Converting English to French in AS/400
Converting Excel Rich-Text data to SQL Server
Converting Exchange to SharePoint
Converting facebook fans into buyers
converting fat volume to ntfs
converting files Lotus to Microsoft
Converting Float to packed
Converting FMX to FMB in Oracle 6i version
Converting from 2000 to 2005
Converting from Access 2003 to Access 2007
converting from Cobol II to Cobol for MVS
Converting from HTML to PDF
Converting from RPGLE to DB2/400 SQL
Converting from System 36 to iSeries V5R4
Converting fron a cisco 1841 router to a Cisco 2900 router
Converting gfx file to make it readable on my MacPro laptop OS 10.6.8
converting ILE legacy code to a GUI based system
Converting Integer to Short in VB6
Converting Julian date to Gregorian in WrkQry
Converting julian date with CL on the AS400
Converting Lotus Approach files to Excel 2007
Converting Lotus Notes Documents to PDF
Converting Microsoft Works documents to Microsoft Word
Converting msg format contacts to nsf format
Converting Nagios emails to Remedy Trouble TIcket or BMC Patrol events
converting num to character name in RPGLE
Converting numeric dates
converting numeric field to a character field and show leading zeros
Converting old computers with Linux
Converting Oracle Report 6i into Excel
Converting Oracle Report to Excel
Converting overlay document on AS400 to PDF using Infoprint Server
Converting PDF's to a document
Converting Purchase Requisition to Purchase Orders
Converting RJE to FTP and replacing Token Ring with Ethernet
Converting RPG3 to C
Converting S/36 COBOL programs on AS/400 to ILE COBOL
converting s36 procedures into as400 mile clp programs
converting single byte characters to double byte characters in a single string
converting single user foxpro 2.6 application in to multiuser application for use on local network
Converting spool file output to Excel in RPG without third-party software
converting spool file to pdf
Converting spyview optical reports to pc .pdf
Converting SQL 7 Database to Excel
Converting SQL data to Microsoft Access through coding in VB.NET
Converting System Date into NUMERIC
converting text string to numeric
Converting text to number for calculation in Access 2003
Converting the nvarchar datatype in SQL Server 2005
Converting to .txt
Converting Upsized MS Access/SQL database and application to for the web
Converting VSAM to XML
Converting Windows PFX certificate to PuTTy key
Converting Word documents to HTML via FrontPage
convertion of excel into report generating tool
convertion of html to ear file
Convet pf file to Excel