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Can you explain how MED-V works with Virtual PC?
Can you explain Master Data Services
Can you explain network access control in Windows Server 2008 R2 and how to set it up?
Can you explain the difference between Hyper-V and Virtual Server?
can you explain what cluster shared volumes are? Is this a new file system?
Can you explain what is best, co-locating CAS+HUB of Mailbox+Hub roles?
Can you find out the name of the job calling a REXX program?
Can you force a user input in a SQL statement, then have the statement continue running
Can you get two pairs of 10/100 connections out of a four-pair Cat 5 cable?
Can you give any details as to what Microsoft and Quest are working on?
Can you give more information about AD RMS exchange, outlook and office?
can you go over Microsoft's desktop virtualization solution?
can you have 1 sap srm instance and multiple SAP ECC instances?
Can you have two instances of CRM 3.0 on the same domain?
Can you help me block sites in Windows XP?
Can you help me fix this Blue Screen of Death error?
Can you help me migrate users from a standalone Windows 2003 server to a new Active Directory list?
can you help on this query?
Can you help with the differences between DSCP and TOSbit?
Can you help with the following DAO code explaining a step-by-step process?
Can you install disks from an HDS 9910 into an HDS 9960?
Can you install exchange 2003 on a network that already has exchange 2003
Can you install Mac OS on Hyper-V?
Can you launch a Lotus Notes database from Web link in a client that is open?
Can you launch the Notes client from a web page
Can you make a dual boot on an already installed OS?
can you make args that are passed upon runtime in C# global?
Can you mass change file libraries in AS/400 query?
Can you outline some your application virtualization offerings?
Can you outsource your IPv6 transition?
Can you perform a brick backup on Exchange 2007 using 2003 Server
can you print a workspace page
Can you pull the model number from newer HP machine BIOS?
Can you recommend a large (4TB+) backup solution for a network with multiple MAC OS X machines?
Can you recommend some good marketing training resources for a newbie?
Can you remove a Back-End Public Folder Store.
can you remove an old recipient from 1st admin grp in 2007?
Can you rename the WINDOWS folder
can you replace the URL with the document name when opening an IR in workspace?
Can you replicate SQL 2003/8 to SQL 2000
Can you run Entitiy framework with a DB2 iSeries AS/400?
Can you set memory options (HMA/XMS/EMS/etc.) for Windows XP MS-DOS startup disks?
Can you share with us what is consider best practices for PST files location
Can you show lotus notes table rows as rows in a view?
Can you speak Japanese using BAPIs and JCo?
Can you still have more virtual environments on one machine with VMWare than Hyper-V?
Can you stop spoofing?
Can you suggest a load testing tool which is freeware?
Can you suggest an alternative to an IN statement?
Can You Sync Exchange Calendar with SharePoint 2010?
Can you talk about Hyper-V's add/remove storage capabilities?
Can you tell me more about Microsoft's application virtualization offerings?
Can you tell me some of the new features that are in System Center Virtual Machine Manager R2?
Can you tell me what the link would be for IBM AS/400 info on Secure FTP
Can you tell me what the role of Citrix Essentials is in the overall management of Hyper-V?
Can you tell what I need to know about licensing and Virtualization?
Can you transfer active jobs to another subsystem?
Can you update physical file through OPNQRYF?
Can you use a Dell GX50 power supply just to power hard drives
Can you use a product key from previous Microsoft 2007 on a new computer?
Can you use ABAP to extract data out of BI
Can you use an USROPN speceifcation on a file that is being overridden?
Can you use ESA with Carrier Remotes that need to dial different PSAPs?
Can you use Linux on a PC as a firewall?
Can you use variables as input and output when calling a stored procedure in COBOL?
Can you use Windows Variable names within Lotus Notes
Can you view an older version of a spreadsheet?
Can your computer have an item or program be put into it with out your knowledge
Can't access data in hard drive, using Windows
Can't access drives of local machine
Can't access files or resources on my Windows Server 2003 from my Windows 7 machine
Can't Access internet and LAN Simultaneously
Can't access mailboxes
Can't access my BlackBerry Bold 5
Can't access public calendar from OWA with 2 servers
Can't access resources on server after SP1
can't access sametime
Can't access settings on a wireless router when used as an access point
Can't access shared folders - Windows 7
Can't access System on LAN behind DSL modem
Can't allocate memory to VM machines
Can't attach any file larger than 50 KB in OWA on Exchange 2003 SP2 environment
Can't be prompted to choose an option from Autoplay Selection Applet
Can't bring master database back online
can't browse network
Can't browse the internet via the PIX
Can't build visual studio project
Can't change Navigation Button Caption for subform
Can't change the save option in Word 2007
Can't check administrator mailbox in Exchange 2007
Can't close or clear file in iSeries V5R3
can't compose or receive mails
Can't connect D-Link media converter with Cisco switch 2950
Can't connect right from link
Can't connect to 1 server's multiple shared drives
Can't connect to Lotus Sametime on Lotus Notes 8.0
Can't connect to new Exchange mailboxes revisited
Can't connect to sametime limited ver 8.
Can't connect to the WSUS database
Can't connect to vpn since Microsoft Security update