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Can specific options within the Go perform menu be called by a program?
Can split air conditioner be installed in data center. What humidity levels are tolerable?
Can SQL make noises?
Can SQL Server 2003 provide CPU usage information by application?
Can SQL Server 2005 32-bit and SQL Server 2005 64-bit co-exist on the same cluster machine?
Can SQL Server Reporting Services query a .csv file to use as report data?
can strqmqry be run as remote command
Can Symantec Endpoint protection be configured to run on less Page file memory
can Synon create a CL code
Can System Center help with workload optimization / balancing?
Can System Center manage applications like MySQL running on Windows or Linux?
Can tab pages in a tab control can be individually enabled or disabled?
can tasks be assigned in public folder?
Can the AS/400 have 2 IP addresses?
Can the ethernet leased line be intercepted by ISP?
Can the Exchange ISP domain name and local domain name be the same?
Can the field exit key be programatically triggered?
Can the FQDN name of the AD server and the external/internal webserver be of same name?
Can the J2SE FileChannel class be translated to J2ME?
Can the MacBook Pro handle the Adobe CS3.3 Design Premium?
Can the parameter's name in parameter list same with the field name in physical file?
Can the SMS content in mobile phone be hacked?
Can the XML Element be assimilated without losing orig document?
Can there be more than 1 MSGSFL per RPG/400 display file?
Can this be a hardware problem?
Can TLS prevent my ISP and others from spying on me?
Can two Droids sync with same calendar...different e-mail?
Can two separate cursors update the same SQL table when executed together?
Can two switches, having VLAN defined in each, communicate without the help of Layer-3 device?
can u tell me the syantax by which i can select no of rows in a dummy table in oracle 9i?
Can user data be protected from VMware snapshots?
Can users logon using the ADCS in Windows Server 2003?
Can VB 6.0 be installed after installing VB 2008 ?
Can Visual Basic be used to control a piece of mechanical equipment?
Can Visual Studio help me create custom print items?
Can Visual Studio run as an administrator in Windows 8?
Can VLANs communicate with each other and still block broadcast traffic?
Can VMWARE be used to gain admin rights ?
Can VoIP use both IP and ATM?
can VS 2005 support Oracle 10g?
Can we able to copy interactive session's QTEMP data into SBMJOB's QTEMP while submitting the batch job.
can we automate Lotus Notes Application
can we call DC BATCH program from a BATCH program
Can we change length of CSV File
Can we change opacity of an MDI child window in VB.NET?
Can we clone a VM using VMware Fusion?
Can we convert OST files into PST with this process?
Can we convert pdf to rtf and txt, and how?
Can we create Libraries and objects in different ASP's?
Can we create service program inside the service program
Can we debug a procedure?
Can we delete all the secondary languages in iSeries?
Can we delete the library though there are many objects in that library
Can we do SFTP transfer of files between iseries and Windows.
can we dual boot linux os with win98?
Can we expect to see newer versions of Virtual PC and Virtual Server?
can we export General Ledger to Excel file?
Can we extract the data from a input file and then map that data to an existing pdf document
Can we get sql server authenticated logins and passwords?
Can we install McAfee Antivirus in Brightmail Server
can we install oracle10g client version and oracle 10g server on the same machine? will it work fine?
Can we manage machines with Xen as their hypervisor on System Center?
Can we migrate already encrypted data from SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2008
Can we prevent an admin from logging on to ONE particular computer?
Can we prevent users from modifying the source file and data selection parameters in a DTF.
Can we recover deleted spool file?
Can we rename QSECOFR user id.(Auditors requirement)
Can we restrict the fields in OPNQRYF?
Can we route mail thru the smart hosts in Exchange Online
Can we run synchnonous data replication on WAN FCoE?
can we see the code behind an system value in as/400? eg. qdate, qmonth etc
Can we send a copy of mail to som other mail id using agents?
can we send email through AS400
Can We sequence .Net framework 1.1 Sp1
can we set the priority for cluster server in lotus
Can we set up BBM on a blackberry without a data package?
Can we simulate a library with multiple tape drives?
Can we specify Dynamic SQL statements through CL program
Can we store our data locally?
Can we track if max active thread number in AS/400 has been changed by a user via journal receiver
Can we use a central database for distributed CRM software?
Can we use a Windows Server 2003 configured as a router to do qos when the switch does not support it?
Can we use a Windows server 2003 standard disk?
Can we use SharePoint in the cloud as the basis of the portal and harness our on-prem WSS sites?
Can we use System Center Essentials 2007 SP1 in a linux domain?
Can we use System Center Essentials 2007 SP1 in a Linux domain?
Can we use Systems Center Operations Manager to help us load balance against a spike in demand among our VMs?
Can we use TRIM in WRKQRY?
Can we view fragmentation of Windows server 2003 systems remotely?
Can Websense Web Filter set to by hours?
Can Websphere Tivoli Logging be started using a QSHELL Command?
Can what I do on my PC be monitored via a cable tap?
Can Windows 2008 R2 and virtual PC 2007?
Can Windows 8 Metro apps run in Windows 7 or XP?
Can Windows Explorer 'File Types' settings be amended by Group Policy?
Can Windows Server 2008 64-bit have 32-bit instead?
Can wrkrmtwtr command be used on V6R1?
Can you "read" a fax or email/attachment with a program or 3rd party tool?
Can you backup a SQL Server 7.0 database while users are using the database?
Can you be annonymous on a guest VLAN?