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Setting the ODBC in SQL Server 2005
Setting time in Active Directory
Setting time restrictions on Active Directory user accounts
Setting up 4 public IP's to 4 computers.
Setting up a backup AD server.
Setting up a Cisco 2950 VLAN
Setting up a code repository on Windows Server 2003
Setting up a differential schedule using Backup Exec 10d
Setting up a field to store .png file in Access 2007 Database so that it can be merged with Word document
Setting up a home based website
Setting up a Intranet
Setting up a ISDN on a CS1000
Setting up a large home network
Setting up a mail server locally
Setting up a message once users login to their Active Directory workstations
Setting up a mock network for testing purposes
Setting up a modem for remote access
Setting up a new 100GB storage system
setting up a patch pane
Setting up a RAID 1 from an internal HD to an external HD
Setting up a remote FTP site in win 2003
Setting up a SAN using HP storevirtual 4330 and VMware
Setting up a second exchange 2003 server on the same domain as the first
Setting up a small network - I have a 16 port switch all computers are accessing the internet through.
Setting up a test plan for Windows 7 and legacy applications
setting up a TRUNK on cisco switch
setting up a virtualhost
Setting up a VPN
Setting up a welcome page for Lotus Noters users
setting up a wifi service to send signal out to public
Setting up a Windows 2008 IT architecture
Setting up a wireless configuration
Setting Up Access Parameters/Questions to user
Setting up access rights in a SQL Server 2005 database
Setting up administrative access in Windows 7
Setting up an Active-Active IIS Cluster with ARR
Setting up an agent to forward mail to a Blackberry
Setting up an Amazon EC2 VPN network
Setting up an Exchange mail server
Setting up an extended fabric over DWDM
Setting up an internal Exchange server
Setting up an LTSP on a network
Setting up an SSH connection to a Window server 2003
Setting up Android peer-to-peer ad-hoc network
Setting Up Another AS400 Console
Setting up Antivirus protection for a notebook to connect with a server using Symantec Corp edition 10.1.8
Setting up AS400 User Profile
Setting up auto reply in Lotus Notes
Setting up automated monitoring on AS/400
Setting up backup Exchange Server
Setting up Cisco 2950 switch
setting up cisco ACS SE
Setting up database mirroring for disaster recovery in SQL Server
Setting up dbmail in SQL Server 2005 on Server 2003
Setting up DFS to replicate three servers across WAN
Setting up DFS with read only and full access depending on user
Setting up distributed file system on Windows server 2003
Setting up domain names for use in Exchange 2010
Setting up drive configuration for virtual Windows Server 2003
Setting up DYNDNS with Windows 7
Setting up ESX servers
Setting up failover Exchange server?
Setting up failover notifications in SQL Server 2005 cluster
Setting up FTP server on Windows Server 2008 R2
Setting Up IP address for WIndows Server 2003
Setting up LDAP access on HP Printer
Setting up Linux on AS/400 model 270
Setting up Lotus Notes 8.5.2
setting up mirroring on 2 different servers
Setting up multiple blackberries to one email account
Setting up multiple mail domains while the exchange server is on a single active directory domain
Setting up my own private dropbox system
Setting up network Wifi, while still using a proxy server
Setting up new domain.
Setting up NTP on Windows Server 2003 computer
Setting up NTP time source for Windows Server 2008 Active Directory network
Setting up office network over analog telephone lines
Setting up our first blackberries on Exchange 2003 for push email./
Setting up Outlook Web Access from Exchange 2003
Setting up Outlook Web Access on Exchange 2000
Setting up PHP environment - CGI vs Module
setting up pix as vpn server in public address environment
Setting up PIX535 but no network connection at all
setting up pop3 email in exchange 2000
Setting up print jobs on System i without PSF license key
Setting up RAID 1 +0 on a Dell Server that doesn't support it
Setting up redundant Internet connection
Setting Up remote printing
Setting up RPC over HTTP
Setting up rules in multiple profiles
Setting up Small Business Server 2008 on a workstation
Setting up small LAN with server
Setting up SQL Server 2005 memory
Setting up testing environment in communication company
Setting up two mail domains on a one domain exchange server
Setting Up Two Networks
Setting up two Windows 2008 Print Servers
Setting Up VLAN across WAN link for Testing
Setting up VPN on NT 4.0 server with XP Clients