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I want to dump the contents of the DSPFD command to file and then use FNDSTRPDM to find certain text strings
I want to exclude a timeframe (Friday 11 PM to Sunday 11 PM data) from my query
I want to get POP3 off my computer. How do I do this?
i want to get updated or deleted or inserted views from last four days
I want to input operater like "* / -"
I want to Install a web server and register DNS
I want to join SAP training
I want to know about MIMIX on iSeries Server.
I want to know about the object QDDSPEXT in AS/400
I want to know all SAP Transaction codes for reporting
I want to know difference between NetBIOS and computer name
I want to know how a subfile is declared in a RPG program in F specs
I want to know if it is possible to transfer data from Iseries to a web site and upload some back. This is for our bank and we do not want to use FTP
I want to know mail role & responsibilities of IT head of a manufacturing unit. Can you explain.
i want to know some real time applications of RBMS design algorithms
I want to know who is viewing my Lotus Notes calendar
I want to learn iseries mimix
I want to load XML to a table in SQL Server 2005
i want to make new wan
I want to migrate from the AS/400
I want to parse data from one field into two based upon criteria.
I want to play one of two wav files
I want to read a pf and build a corresponding SQL statement and save the statemnet in text file.
i want to read first 5 records and want to skip the next 5 records and want to read another 5 records in a db2 table using cursor.? how do i do that
I want to redeem my points
I want to replace windows server 2003 Enterprise edition to windows small business server...
i want to restore data from one as400 server to another.
I want to reterive all users list with last logon date inculuded(help me with the query)
I want to retrieve always the first record via sql
I want to retrive my files , I can not get past safe mode.
I want to return multiple value in the THEN clause of CASE statement
I want to search in VB .net?
I want to see the log of runrmtcmd if it has run successfully. how should I do that?
I want to select months from Jan to Dec using SQL query
I want to select some rows and show the average of columns of that rows in another row how can i do that in SPSS?
I want to send a DB2 file via email from AS400 to MS outlook using MMAIL/SENDMIME command.
i want to send sap idoc to sql server 2005
I want to set for some user message size more 5 MB and for rest of user message size less then 5 MB . Is it possible in domino... please help
I want to set up a conference room in Outlook Express
I want to setup a conference room and have only one security group in Active Directory have the ability to book the room.
I want to switch into SAP BW. Can u plz guide me for same.
I want to turn off Auto Archive in Outlook 2007
i want to upgarde my os v5r4 to v7r1 ,
I want to upgrade my IOS Router 7507. but min flash IOS new version require 32 M.
I want to upload my web project on internet. How to do it?
I want to write a utility which will read domain users details from the Active Directory and dump it in a database?
I want use a D-link Dir-600 router that will sit behind a Cisco router with 2 vlans
I wanted to know the knowledge of the LAN aspect of networking.
I was recovering a deleted public sub folder and attempted to recover it from OWA instead it seemed to recover It disappeared from the recovery list
I will be at VMworld. Is it true MS is being prevented from Demo-ing certain products by VMware?
I wish to have my macro copy a cell from a tab, then go to another tab and search specifically for the value of the initial cell.
I would like monitor ESX server hosts. Would like you compare/contrast nworks verses bridgeways mp's
I would like that Live Migration Really work can balance my VMs automatically by learning from my clusters configuration. Is it a goal for you in Micr
I would like to install Oracle database on OS X MacBook
I would like to know all the commands fired by all my users using command line, is it possible.?
I would like to know is there any website which offers free practice exercises on vb &
I would like to know the code to do a "if file exist then" in visual basic.
I would like to know the possibilities of getting a CSQA job in IT industry.? iam from Non IT, but certified as ISO 9001 LA & green belt Six Sigma.
I would like to know the procedure name
I would like to preconfigure and roll out XP mode on 7.
I would like to run a report on AS/400 to indentify which DB2 tables to reorg.
I would like to send a attachment with an user supplied subject line and long message
I'm getting a black login screen on Windows Server 2003
I'm getting several suspicious connection attempts. What should I do?
i'm having one web application ,actually now in that when user submits the data it is storing directly in database instead of that now i want to shows
I'm having trouble with a simple query in DB2 for AS/400
I'm interested in creating a web form that will deposit information into a SQL Server database.
I'm looking for a list of standard tile colors for Metro Windows 8 apps
I'm looking for a stronger authentication method for web services
I'm looking for an outline or guide addressing the steps to take and how to handle data architecture when a company closes or sells.
I'm looking for some TCO/TCA data to help support my proposed budget.
I'm merging two domains within the same forest. Both domains and the forest are Windows 2003 Native.
I'm not able to use hints in my tables
I'm searching for a large scale SIP based analog/IP convertor
I'm so royally screwed - help w/ Exch cluster - MAD and Outlook 2003
I'm stuck creating a Vista CD with WinPE -- what do I do next?
I'm switching companies and from Lotus Notes to Outlook. How can I save and view my LN emails?
I'm trying to connect to AS/400 using .NET
I'm trying to deploy an Outlook addin to Citrix XenApp
I'm trying to enable Hyper-V in my control panel
I'm unable to access Internet after configuring TMG 2010
I'm unable to clear security log
I'm using compiled Crystal 8.5 reports --- sudden print to printer problem
I'm using wireless netgear router and i can't share printer.
I'm wondering if it's possible to share Hyper-V Manager?
I've been hacked -- I think....
i've got one partition which i'm running win xp on it and i want to install vista without formating,is it possible?
I've passed the CISSP exam, few months back...Now what?
I've passed the CISSP exam, few months back...Now what???
I-series Navigator Database access
i-Series Tape Backup vs. SAVF backup
I.T Security procedure
I/5 resident Transportation Software Vendors
I/O bottleneck
I/O device error
I/O device error in AS/400 program
I/O operation was applied to closed file error on AS400
I/O Operations in Program described files