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Date a specific record in Microsoft Access
Date and time issue
Date Calculation
Date calculation incorrect in sql when +1 month entered
Date calculation question
Date calculation using a variable
date calendar
Date conversion
Date conversion (to_char) behavior
Date Conversion In Crystal Reports 11
date count down in VB 6
Date drop out of field in Microsoft Access
Date field default value - RPG
Date field validation
Date fields in Microsoft Access 2007 when mail merged into a letter etc, become American. ie 5/18/2010 instead of 18/5/10
Date Format Change to dd/mm/yyyy
Date format in AS/400 display file
Date format in Microsoft Excel 2002
Date format in table
Date formats and Microsoft Analysis Services
Date formats in SQL Server Stored Procedures
Date Formatting
Date Formatting in RPG
Date Function AS400
Date functions
date functions using Oracle
Date Handling
Date in COBOL/400
Date in SQL Server
Date in Visual Basic 5
Date insert problem into Access from .NET
Date Keyfield in a Physical File
Date minus 1 month in January
Date modified change when archiving
Date Parameters in SSRS - showing total by day as well as by total by parameter chosen
Date parameters within crystal reports 8.5 still brining up all records
Date Picker
Date Problem
date problem in oracle 10g
Date problem with Delphi 7
Date Range in Excel Macro
Date Ranges in Access 2000
Date received email
Date Time Error in VB
Date Time SQL Selection Criteria
Date Validation How to validate date as per ISO and USA format in CBLLE?
Date validation RPGLE
Date$ refresh status
Date, Time and numbers change format instructions for Linux environment.
DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP fields in the database files
Date-Time values non return by the system to Domino ?
Date/time Calculation
date/time field in Lotus Notes
Date1 10 character *ISO.
DateAdd Function
DATEDIFF - 1 year off
Dates Files Written/Updated on Disk
Dates in Crystal reports
dates in rpg
Dates wrong in import from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook 2003
DATETIME calculation
datetime conversion
Datetime field issue with Access 2k3 db converted to SQL 2k
DateTime to DateTimeOffset
Datetimepicker at runtime
DateTimePicker set Time boundary
Davinci Migrator for SharePoint 2010
Day of week
Day of Week in RPGLE
day/year view in the calendar
Daylight Saving Time fallout
Daylight savings - Change in politics
Daylight Savings Time Change
Days of the week in AS/400 V5R4
db backup
DB backup is hung
DB backup onto External Hardrive
DB Connection Procedure - reusing in Solution
db developer info
db file question
DB Instances
DB links
DB Migration from 8.1.7 to 10gR1
DB mirroring with SQL Server 2005: Standard vs. Enterprise
DB question(s) that I have never heard a direct answer for
DB Replication with Oracle
DB size
DB Table/Query Layout for Ranking System
DB Tracking
DB Triggers and JPA
DB Web Interface
DB Web interface
DB2 (AS/400) data transfer to SQL Server 2005
DB2 (Oracle funtionality in)
DB2 / ODBC file availability