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September 8, 2011  2:28 PM

VMware teases vSphere roadmap at VMworld

Posted by: KeithKessinger
cloud computing, Virtualization, VMware, VMworld 2011, vSphere

In future vSphere releases, VMware will focus on optimizing for the cloud and improving how clusters work. These changes will further blur the line between a virtual data center and a cloud infrastructure, said Bogomil Balkansky, VMware’s vice president of product marketing. During an...

April 15, 2011  6:20 PM

Virtualization management not quite there yet

Posted by: KeithKessinger
management, Microsoft, scvmm, scvmm2012, vCenter, Virtualization, VMware, vSphere

Virtualization has always posed management problems for IT departments. And as more IT shops deploy multiple hypervisors, the problems are getting worse. In companies that deploy both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, 71% have difficulties managing both hypervisors from a single console,...

January 17, 2011  8:29 PM

Another hint about new VMware vStorage APIs

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
infrastructure, vSphere, vStorage APIs

A little more than a month ago, I wrote a story about some new vStorage APIs that are coming from VMware Inc. and its storage partners, code which could...

October 22, 2010  3:09 PM

Choosy admins choose vSphere

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Hyper-V vs. VMware, vSphere

In yesterday's blog post on the Hyper-V vs. VMware fight (or lack thereof), I mentioned that 76% of virtualization users named VMware as their primary platform, compared...

August 19, 2010  6:25 PM

VMworld 2010 backpacks and swag: Much ado about the wrong thing?

Posted by: Lauren Horwitz
VMware, VMworld 2010, vSphere

VMware is known for some attention to detail in pulling off its annual confab, VMworld. And the company’s swag is no exception. VMware prides itself on doling out some quality loot for attendees who journey to the mecca of its annual virtualization conference. But attention to detail can border...

July 13, 2010  2:06 PM

vSphere vs. Azure: The real battle

Posted by: Colin Steele
cloud computing, Colin Steele, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, vSphere, Windows Azure

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hyper-V vs. vSphere is SO last year. Cloud computing is the main theme at this week's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and Hyper-V has taken a backseat to Windows Azure. The focus on Azure, a Platform as a Service...

June 10, 2010  1:15 PM

Microsoft patch prevents vSphere Client logins

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Microsoft, VMware, vSphere

Several VMware users reported yesterday that Microsoft's latest .NET patch was locking them out of the vSphere Client. Users on the VMware Communities forum and other message boards said the patch prevented them from...

March 3, 2010  10:07 PM

Win vSphere training videos!

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Virtualization, VMware, vSphere

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and to celebrate, I thought I'd take this opportunity to encourage all of our readers to dye their servers green. No dice? How about this instead: Write a virtualization-themed limerick, and you could win a vSphere training video.

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December 22, 2009  8:46 PM

All I want for Christmas is … a clustered file system?

Posted by: Colin Steele
Microsoft Hyper-V, vSphere

Having a hard time finding a holiday gift for that special admin in your life (or yourself)? We’ve asked two of our virtualization experts what was on their letters to Santa Claus; maybe their wish lists will inspire you. Remember, there are still two shopping days left! Rob McShinsky, senior...

August 25, 2009  1:54 PM

Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 released to manufacturing

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Microsoft Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, vSphere

Microsoft announced the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 release to manufacturing (RTM) yesterday. The release comes a month after the...

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