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May 26, 2009  8:49 PM

Can you afford vSphere?

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VMware, vSphere

vSphere is out, and it contains lots of new features and functionality. But can companies afford to upgrade right now? vSphere is a great release -- if your hardware is supported and you...

May 26, 2009  1:42 PM

Virtualization: Why Microsoft cares

Posted by: Craig Hatmaker
Microsoft, Virtualization

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft cares so much about server virtualization? After all, it’s only a software representation of a physical machine.

Microsoft has been very content over the last nearly 30 years letting the likes of Dell,...

May 5, 2009  7:38 PM

Get virtual with Sid Smith

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Microsoft Hyper-V, server virtualization, VMware, vSphere, Xen

Looking for another expert perspective on server virtualization? Sid Smith, who runs the Daily Hypervisor, now has a new blog here on IT Knowledge Exchange.

May 5, 2009  7:36 PM

VMware engineers caution IT pros: Use Fault Tolerance sparingly

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Fault tolerance, virtual machine failover, vLockstep, VMware, VMware fault tolerance, VMware High Availability, VMware User Group, vSphere, vSphere Advanced Edition

One of the most anticipated features in the next version of VMware Virtual Infrastructure, vSphere, is

May 5, 2009  2:52 PM

Microsoft: With vSphere, now we’re even cheaper than VMware!

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Microsoft Hyper-V, server virtualization, VMware, VMware User Group, vSphere

Microsoft is nothing if not persistent. The folks up in Redmond have fired yet ANOTHER salvo against VMware. This time it's in the form of a blog post by Edwin Yuen, the senior technical product manager for Microsoft's integrated virtualization team. (You may know him as "Laughing Guy" from the...

May 4, 2009  5:33 PM

Microsoft TechEd, virtualization and you

Posted by: Colin Steele
cloud computing, Colin Steele, green computing, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 is supposed to be the star of next week's Microsoft TechEd show in L.A., but the conference will also have a ton of stuff for all you virtualization users out there. Some sessions will focus on Windows Server...

May 1, 2009  6:31 PM

The VMware User Group: A boys club

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
technology jobs, Virtualization, VMware, VMware User Group, women in technology

I attended the New England VMware Users Group meeting in Newport, RI on Thursday, and as usual, I was one of only a small handful of women there.

May 1, 2009  2:04 PM

Face-Off: VMware vs. Microsoft in the hypervisor wars

Posted by: Colin Steele
hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware

The great virtualization debate: VMware vs....

May 1, 2009  12:43 PM

Virtualization: The swine flu cure?

Posted by: Craig Hatmaker
business continuity, desktop, telecommute, VDI, Virtualization

Why virtualize? There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to virtualize your environment, but the current

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April 27, 2009  7:00 PM

VMware bristles at suggestions of lousy IOPS performance

Posted by: Alex Barrett
IOPS, Oracle, performance, VMware, vSphere

When it comes to IOPS performance, VMware has its proverbial panties in a bunch. Plagued by the public perception that IO-intensive workloads don’t perform well in a virtual machine, the company is on a mission to prove otherwise, throwing tremendous amounts of engineering resources at the...

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