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July 9, 2008  8:12 AM

Four reasons why VMware will retain market share position over the next five years

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Virtualization strategies, VMware

Speculations are overflowing within the virtualization community following Diane Greene's resignation from VMware. As a glass-half-full kind of guy, I'd like to offer my reasons why...

July 8, 2008  2:14 PM

Six reasons Hyper-V will surpass VMware within five years

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
High availability and virtualization, Microsoft, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual machine, Virtualization, virtualization costs, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies, VMware

Clabby Analytics analyst Joe Clabby is 100% convinced that Microsoft's Hyper-V will take over VMware in market share over the next three to five years, and makes some strong points for this in his recent report,

July 7, 2008  12:39 PM

Test virtual environments make for better server upgrades

Posted by: Rick Vanover
hardware, Lab management, Rick Vanover, Virtualization, virtualization costs, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies

Given that virtual environments for x86 servers are relatively new, most lack direct experience in performing major in-place upgrades. While there are many ways to approach a key upgrade to a virtual environment, we'll take a look at one example of a server virtualization upgrade: VMware ESX 3.5...

June 30, 2008  4:30 PM

Why (or why not) switch from VMware to Hyper-V?

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtualization, Virtualization strategies, VMware

Now that Microsoft has finally delivered Hyper-V, everyone is waiting to see how many VMware shops will make the switch. Are there any compelling reasons for a company that already has a large investment in VMware products to switch to another product? Here are some...

June 24, 2008  10:19 AM

VMware virtualization used to cut costs at 900 universities

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Servers, Virtual machine, Virtualization, virtualization costs, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies, VMware

Attention, college students: your tuition may soon decrease! Well, maybe not. However, VMware Inc. reported today that 900 universities including top tier schools such as Harvard and Yale are saving big bucks using VMware Inc. virtualization. Many renowned...

June 19, 2008  9:05 AM

Using VRDP to view VirtualBox virtual machines remotely

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Sun xVM, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies

In last week's blog, I wrote about my first experiences with

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June 17, 2008  11:22 AM

Deciding when to use virtual symmetric multiprocessing

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization strategies, VMware

Should you assign a virtual machine (VM) more than one virtual processor or not? It's common for admins to configure virtual symmetric multiprocessing, or VMs with multiple CPUs, whether it is needed or not.The decision to use more then one virtual processor in a VM...

May 16, 2008  9:28 AM

Virtual environment architecting requires network zone placement

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Clusters, hardware, Lab management, Networking, Rick Vanover, Servers, Virtual appliances, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies

Almost every virtualization admin that I interact with has materially changed their strategy at some point with their first generation of server virtualization before the entire project is complete. Among the strategy changes are those related to network zoning, which will become a more...

April 18, 2008  11:05 AM

Virtualization of Citrix Presentation Server in VMware calculations

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Application virtualization, High availability and virtualization, Joseph Foran, Rick Vanover, Servers, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies

In following with Joe Foran's recent blog about virtualizing Citrix Presentation Server (PS) systems, I too have had success with this practice. I took...

April 8, 2008  1:46 AM

VKernel virtual appliance identifies issues with new dashboards

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Blogroll, Rick Vanover, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies

Portsmouth, NH-based VKernel is deep into the beta stages for their new capacity bottleneck analyzer virtual appliance (VA). I had a chance to preview a pre-release candidate this week and was very happy the product. The

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