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June 11, 2008  3:19 PM

Modeling capacity in virtual environments

Posted by: Lauren Horwitz
Virtualization, Virtualization Log, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, VMware

This blog post was written by Megan Santosus, features writer for By now, server virtualization has pretty much proved its mettle as a way to consolidate data centers and reduce costs. As virtualization has gone mainstream, some of the management...

June 10, 2008  7:38 AM

Symantec, Citrix take on VMware with block storage management product

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Product announcements, Storage, Symantec, Virtualization platforms, VMware, Xen

On Monday, June 9, Symantec Corp. of Cupterino, Calif., announced the release of Veritas Virtual Infrastructure (VxVI), a server and storage virtualization product built on

June 3, 2008  10:28 AM

Hyper-V could benefit from VMware’s Xen-based competition

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtualization platforms, VMware, Xen

If Hyper-V doesn't convert the VMware faithful as soon as Microsoft makes its hypervisor generally available later this year, it may get a little help from its friends: Xen-based virtualization platforms. Some like IT...

May 29, 2008  8:23 AM

Intel Premier IT Professional series provides virtualization resources

Posted by: Rick Vanover
hardware, Intel, Rick Vanover, Servers, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms

New vendors, strategies, technologies and capabilities seem to present themselves daily to the virtualization administrator and manager. One resource that can help is the Intel Premier IT Professional (IPIP)...

May 5, 2008  8:15 AM

Ericom desktop virtualization now available on Oracle VM

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Desktop virtualization, Oracle VM, Rick Vanover, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms

Today, Ericom software announced the availability of Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect for Oracle VM desktop virtualization (VDI) software as a free...

April 21, 2008  12:20 PM

VMware’s ESX 3i for free?

Posted by: Joe Foran
Embedded Virtualization, Joseph Foran, Phoenix, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, VMware

The Inquirer recently published a story on how Dell is considering giving away VMware VI 3i licensing on its PowerEdge servers. While I won't rehash the details of the rumor here, I'll...

April 16, 2008  10:50 AM

Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and VMware VI3.5: A happy cohabitation

Posted by: Joe Foran
Desktop virtualization, Joseph Foran, Virtualization platforms, VMware

xen_and_vmware I have a confession to make: When it comes to Citrix's XenServer/Presentation Server/MetaFrame/WinFrame product line, I've always been biased. I simply love it. I...

April 3, 2008  7:33 AM

The pros and cons of Virtuozzo: A user review

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Citrix XenServer, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, Virtuozzo, VMware

Atlanta-based virtualization pro Mark Dean shares his thoughts in a guest blog for One of the more popular products in the growing virtualization market is Parallels Virtuozzo...

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April 1, 2008  10:59 AM

A first look at Hyper-V’s Virtual Machine Manager

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Microsoft, Microsoft Hyper-V, Rick Vanover, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms

Continuing our review of Hyper-V, the recently released Microsoft virtualization product for Windows Server 2008, we focus on the management aspect of the hypervisor. In two other recent blogs, I took a quick look at the

March 28, 2008  10:00 PM

VMware Server 2.0 beta 2 released

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, VMware

On March 28, 2008, VMware released the second beta for the Server 2.0 platform. Version 2.0 beta 1 introduced sweeping changes to the user interface that was met with feedback from the beta team. VMware has also confirmed that a beta 3 will soon be released as well for the free server...

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