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January 14, 2008  4:44 PM Products of the Year – Not without their share of snubs

Posted by: cwolf
Chris Wolf, High availability and virtualization, Linux and virtualization, Microsoft, Virtual Iron, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtuozzo, VMware, Xen, XenSource

Fortunately for me, my job never requires me to determine vendor awards. However, Alex Barrett and the staff aren't so lucky. While it's great to have the power to name Products of the Year, it also means that you're stuck hearing complaints from everyone that...

January 4, 2008  10:04 PM

Virtualization and high availability: User ponders products, path

Posted by: Jan Stafford
High availability and virtualization, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization management, VMware

Systems admin Michael Gildersleeve wishes for 100% uptime and wonders whether virtualization will bring him closer or further away from that goal. It seems to him that virtualization options only cover one server at a time. "What if I need to do an OS update or patch, or what if some critical...

January 2, 2008  4:49 PM

VMware goes on the offensive

Posted by: cwolf
Chris Wolf, Microsoft, Virtual Iron, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtuozzo, VMware, Xen, XenSource

Note: Reposted with the author's permission from Burton Group's Data Center Strategies blog. If you haven't seen

December 26, 2007  12:15 PM

VMware ESX 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5: To upgrade or not to upgrade?

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Linux and virtualization, Rick Vanover, Servers, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies, VMware

The virtualization world was very excited for the release of VMware ESX 3.5 and Virtual Center 2.5 last week. However, should everyone jump on to the new platforms quickly? I say no. To be fair to myself, I have performed a limited set of upgrades already within the week, and some are planned over...

December 5, 2007  11:23 AM

The spreading of the field

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Microsoft Virtual Server, Product announcements, Rick Vanover, SUSE/Novell, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms

When you think virtualization, VMware comes to mind as the leader, correct? Sure ESX is the premium product right now for x86 virtualization, but there is a movement that needs awareness right now.

December 4, 2007  10:06 AM

Sun thinks big with xVM Ops Center

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Virtualization, Virtualization management, Xen

Just as it said it would back in October, Sun Microsystems Inc. is releasing version 1.0 of its "new" xVM Ops Center management suite, which is really a merger of its Sun...

November 27, 2007  10:27 AM

Why You Must Evaluate Citrix XenServer

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Product announcements, Rick Vanover, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies, Xen

With two clear players emerging in the premier virtualization space, VMware's ESX Server platform and the Citrix XenServer, every serious virtualization shop needs to evaluate XenServer for fair comparison. Why? Well, right now ESX is the top product in the popular opinion, but after attending a...

November 14, 2007  12:23 PM

Return of the MAC

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization security, Virtualization strategies

Chris Wolf and I were presenting Virtualization 101 in Seattle yesterday when something he said sparked an idea in my usually dormant brain. Okay, it's not usually dormant, but Seattle is so cold I think half of my synapses aren't firing! In the process of discussing virtual machines (VMs), Chris...

November 7, 2007  11:10 AM

Gartner offers virtualization tips, predictions

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies, Why choose server virtualization?

At Gartner's Data Center Summit 2007 in London yesterday, analysts said virtualization will be the most significant factor in adding agility to data centers through 2012. I think we already figured that, since virtualization can...

November 6, 2007  10:10 PM

Don’t omit the VMware Tools!

Posted by: Rick Vanover
P2V, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies, VMware

So, you are very proud of yourself because you can roll out Windows virtual systems like popcorn, right? Well, don't forget to ensure that you are using the correct version of VMware tools. This is important because it provides an optimized inventory of hardware for the guest operating system. On a...

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