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March 26, 2007  3:34 PM

P2V wins, losses: VMware Converter

Posted by: Jan Stafford
P2V, Servers, Virtualization strategies, VMware

The road from physical to virtual servers isn't a freeway...yet. There some potholes that hold up P2V migrations. Here are a couple of views from those who've taken a trip with VMware Converter.

Language support issues on VMware Converter caused several P2V mishaps for Robert Sieber of...

March 21, 2007  9:41 AM

Server sales slip on virtualization

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Servers, Uncategorized

One of the overarching questions I've had since I started covering virtualization is how will it influence the kinds of server purchases IT managers make? Is it better to buy several small, slim servers, e.g., blades, or a single large and beefy one? Now we know. Virtualization is prompting IT...

March 5, 2007  12:36 PM

Windows Server virtualization calculator

Posted by: Ryan Shopp
Servers, Virtual machine, Virtualization management

I was doing some blog-surfing the other day and came across Christian Saborio's virtualization blog. He mentions this really cool tool published by Microsoft that helps IT directors figure out costs of...

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