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September 8, 2010  9:17 PM

Maybe HP won’t resell Oracle VM after all

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle VM

Remember back in July, when Dell and Hewlett-Packard made the surprising news that they would resell Oracle VM and other Oracle software? I even wrote a clever blog post comparing...

July 29, 2010  6:09 PM

Dell, HP to resell Oracle VM. Yes, really.

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle VM

Vendor lock-in is a big concern in the server virtualization market, especially as more vendors come out with converged infrastructure and virtualization-ready appliances.

June 29, 2010  4:18 PM

Oracle VM machine targets Cisco, HP

Posted by: Colin Steele
Cisco, Colin Steele, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Oracle VM, VMware

Appliances like Cisco's Unified Computing System are designed to help you kick-start a virtualization deployment. Now, Oracle is banking on an appliance to do the same for its lagging virtualization market share. Our sister site reports that a so-called "

February 16, 2010  2:26 PM

Oracle VM to support Solaris

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Oracle VM, Solaris, SPARC, Sun Microsystems

Oracle is, as we say here in Boston, wicked fah behind in the virtualization market. Building a strong, integrated virtualization portfolio is the best way -- and maybe the only way -- for the company to catch up. The Sun acquisition brought lots of hype about the future of

January 28, 2010  2:19 PM

Oracle vs. VMware feud simmering

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Microsoft, Oracle, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle VM, Sun Microsystems, VMware

2009 was the year of Microsoft vs. VMware. Is 2010 shaping up to be the year of Oracle vs. VMware? During yesterday's five-hour

January 15, 2010  8:58 PM

Xen 4.0 Release Candidate available

Posted by: Colin Steele
Citrix XenServer, Colin Steele, KVM, Oracle VM, Xen posted the Xen 4.0 Release Candidate this week, and the new hypervisor code should be finalized by the end of next month. Xen 4.0...

January 6, 2010  4:35 PM

Oracle-Citrix acquisition hits the rumor mill

Posted by: Colin Steele
Citrix, Colin Steele, Oracle, Oracle VM

Oracle is finalizing its deal for Sun Microsystems and already bought Virtual Iron. But an even bigger virtualization acquisition -- Oracle-Citrix Systems -- may be on the horizon. Oracle is sizing up...

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July 7, 2009  7:59 PM

Why does VMware care about Virtual Iron customers?

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Oracle VM, Virtual Iron, VMware, vSphere

Good news, Virtual Iron customers: In...

April 20, 2009  3:36 PM

Oracle-Sun: A threat to VMware?

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, Oracle, Oracle VM, server virtualization, Sun Microsystems, Sun xVM

You may have heard this morning that Oracle acquired Sun...

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March 4, 2009  7:57 PM

Oracle beefs up virtualization offering with management capabilities

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle VM, server virtualization, VMware, Xen

I have to admit that I have been less than kind when it comes to Oracle's virtualization software and licensing policies; I've written articles about their stubborn

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