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September 11, 2007  8:36 AM

Microsoft and Citrix play the VHD card

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Microsoft, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies

At a press event on Monday, Sept. 10, Microsoft Corp. told reporters that Citrix has agreed to use its Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format as the basis of its virtualization products, including its...

September 7, 2007  2:47 PM

The Embedded Hypervisor Club – Now Accepting Members

Posted by: cwolf
Chris Wolf, Microsoft, Product announcements, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms

Today, XenSource became the first vendor to officially announce support of an embedded hypervisor.  Specific independent hardware vendors (IHVs) are not mentioned in the announcement, but I expect that we will all hear more...

August 21, 2007  8:57 AM

Citrix’s Acquisition of XenSource – Chris Wolf sounds off

Posted by: cwolf
Application virtualization, Chris Wolf, Desktop virtualization, Linux and virtualization, Microsoft, Red Hat, VDI, Virtual Iron, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies, VMware, Xen, XenSource

Chris Wolf, Burton Group senior analyst, analyzed Citrix's acquisition of XenSource in a recent Burton Group blog post. He sizes up the situation, saying:

"While having the technology is one thing, bringing it to market is an entirely separate issue. This is where the Citrix acquisition...

August 14, 2007  7:59 PM

Linux has virtualization ups and downs, power user says

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Linux and virtualization, Microsoft, Virtualization platforms, Xen

Linux can match and outshine Windows in data center -- thanks to its strong security, reliability, and long term usability -- but it has upsides and downsides on the virtualization side, according to software engineer and Linux and VMware Server technologist Chris Berg. In this excerpt of our...

August 8, 2007  3:38 PM

LinuxWorld: Expert reviews Microsoft’s mixed messages, Novell’s virtualization news

Posted by: Ryan Shopp
Microsoft, Microsoft Virtual Server, SUSE/Novell, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms

Xen expert Bernard Golden sounds off on Microsoft's presentation at LinuxWorld 2007 and the impact of Novell's new Linux SUSE and virtualization products. Golden is a systems integrator, expert and author of the upcoming book, "Virtualization for...

July 31, 2007  6:27 PM

Is virtualization where Linux will top Windows…perhaps stealthily?

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE/Novell, Virtual appliances, Xen

Virtualization is the theme of the LinuxWorld 2007 Conference & Expo this year, and that’s as it should be, according to industry veterans I’ve interviewed recently. Virtualization a big boon...

July 20, 2007  3:02 PM

Virtualization is a real life game of RISK (A fun analogy)

Posted by: Ryan Shopp
Links we like, Microsoft, Microsoft Virtual Server, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, Virtualization strategies, VMware

I was crusing the Web just now, trying to find some interesting blogs that aren't chock-full of code that an associate editor simply does not understand. I clicked on Roudy Bob's blog (see our blogroll for his link) and low and behold, my boredom was alleviated! To read the following analogy of...

June 14, 2007  4:26 PM

Nat Friedman: Swing toward desktop virtualization favors Linux

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Desktop virtualization, Microsoft, Virtualization

In the past six months, every single IT exec or manager who discusses Linux desktops in a corporate setting with Nat Friedman asks about thin-client enviroments. That's why Friedman -- co-creator of the open source Ximian desktop and open source strategies CTO for Novell -- predicts that...

June 4, 2007  4:41 PM

VMware ESX configuration, cost problems spur user’s switch to Microsoft Virtual Server

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Microsoft, Microsoft Virtual Server, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, VMware

Improved configuration and lower costs are on John E Quigley II's wish list for VMware ESX. In the meantime, Quigley is moving ESX to the back burner. Today, Quigley -- a senior network engineer -- told me that his firm, Total Quality Logistics, LLC, will be migrating over to Microsoft Virtual...

May 17, 2007  1:29 PM

Microsoft’s Neil talks virtualization futures at WinHEC

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Microsoft, Uncategorized, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms

I just returned from Microsoft's WinHEC conference in Los Angeles, where I traveled in hopes of getting some juicy virtualization news. Alas, Microsoft dropped its virtualization bombshell...

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