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February 12, 2010  7:12 PM

Novell KVM hypervisor in the works

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, KVM, Linux and virtualization, Novell, Red Hat

Novell is jumping on the KVM bandwagon. The company is developing a KVM hypervisor called AlacrityVM, as

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November 4, 2009  4:33 PM

Red Hat virtualization: No Windows Server 2008, RHEL management

Posted by: Colin Steele
Colin Steele, KVM, Linux and virtualization, Red Hat, Windows Server 2008

The new Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers platform made its debut yesterday, with Red Hat touting it as a "standalone, lightweight, high-performance hypervisor" that...

July 22, 2009  7:09 PM

Is Microsoft giving up on Windows?

Posted by: Colin Steele
Cisco, Colin Steele, Google, Linux and virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows, VMware, Windows 7

You probably read the above headline and had a question of your own. Something along the lines of, "Colin, what have you been smoking?" I know, it seems ridonklulous to think that Microsoft would give up on its Windows operating system -- a product that dominates its market like few others in IT...

September 29, 2008  10:44 AM

EsXpress: A good idea come ’round again

Posted by: Joe Foran
Joseph Foran, Linux and virtualization, Open source, Servers, Uncategorized, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization management, VMware, VMworld, VMworld 2008

I had the opportunity to spend a little time at the esXPress booth at VMworld 2008 this year, and I could kick myself. Hard. To go to the start of why ... a long time ago, back when my office primarily used VMware GSX3 for virtulization at the server level, I had a real need to do backups of the...

September 16, 2008  8:40 PM

VMworld is packed! Good God … who’s manning the servers?

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
AMD, Linux and virtualization, Virtualization, virtualization humor, VMware, VMworld 2008

When you walk up to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas this week, it is obvious something big is happening, and it sure as hell isn't me winning the jackpot on those God forsaken slot machines. When VMware Inc. announced there would be 14,000 people attending

August 25, 2008  10:09 AM

Proxmox PVE offers VM mash-up for the virtualization market

Posted by: Joe Foran
Joseph Foran, Linux and virtualization, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms

The mashup market is for more than just those out there making rich-media web apps. They've taken the concept of the mashup to the virtualization market. The resulting product is a mash-up of two virtualization platforms, OpenVZ and KVM, which Proxmox has combined into a delightful new offering...

June 5, 2008  8:21 AM

Tripwire offers free security utility for VMware ESX 3.5 hypervisor

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Linux and virtualization, Microsoft, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization security, VMware

VMware Inc. and Tripwire Inc. have co-developed a free, downloadable utility to address the leading security concern in virtual environments today: misconfiguration of the hypervisor. Portland, Ore.-based...

May 16, 2008  9:45 AM

Still no Linux VMware VI client

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, Linux and virtualization, Microsoft, VMware

As this long running thread in the VMware forums indicates, many users are frustrated with VMware’s lack of support for a Linux-based Virtual Infrastructure client to manage VI3 environments. Currently,...

March 19, 2008  1:19 PM

Sun adds a connection broker to VDI offering

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Desktop virtualization, Linux and virtualization, Networking, Product announcements, VDI, Virtual machine, Virtualization, VMware

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced this week it has added new features to its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software, originally released at VMworld in September 2007, including Sun's

February 7, 2008  1:13 PM

Installing the VMware Server MUI on Centos 5.1 x86_64

Posted by: Joe Foran
Joseph Foran, Linux and virtualization, Servers, Virtualization, Virtualization platforms, VMware

As a follow-up to my prior post on getting CentOS 5.1 (x64) to host VMware server, this is a short instruction on what to do to get the MUI installed on your...

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