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May 29, 2008  8:23 AM

Intel Premier IT Professional series provides virtualization resources

Posted by: Rick Vanover
hardware, Intel, Rick Vanover, Servers, Virtualization, Virtualization management, Virtualization platforms

New vendors, strategies, technologies and capabilities seem to present themselves daily to the virtualization administrator and manager. One resource that can help is the Intel Premier IT Professional (IPIP)...

May 29, 2008  8:18 AM

Virtualization performance benchmarks needed ASAP, vendors say

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
AMD, Application virtualization, hardware, Intel, Networking, Red Hat, Servers, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Virtualization management, VMware, Xen

Big players in the virtualization world griped about the absence of performance benchmarks for virtual machines on CIO Talk Radio yesterday and discussed some of the issues surrounding virtualization standards.

Guests on the show included: Simon...

May 22, 2008  9:51 AM

Storage utilization is a new battle

Posted by: Rick Vanover
hardware, Rick Vanover, Servers, Storage, Virtualization

I was recently asked, "do you have any visibility of the storge utilization you provide your virtual machines?" I stopped, thought about it and said "no". However, in my situation, this is not yet a problem. A pitfall for most enterprise server virtualization strategies is in a reservation for...

May 16, 2008  9:28 AM

Virtual environment architecting requires network zone placement

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Clusters, hardware, Lab management, Networking, Rick Vanover, Servers, Virtual appliances, Virtualization management, Virtualization strategies

Almost every virtualization admin that I interact with has materially changed their strategy at some point with their first generation of server virtualization before the entire project is complete. Among the strategy changes are those related to network zoning, which will become a more...

May 14, 2008  9:20 AM

VMware pushes desktop virtualization on management and security benefits

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
Citrix XenServer, Desktop virtualization, hardware, Servers, VDI, Virtual machine, Virtualization, virtualization costs, Virtualization management, Virtualization security, VMware, Xen

VMware Inc. Senior Director of Enterprise Desktops Gerald Chen visited our office on Tuesday morning to discuss the different types of desktop virtualization and answer common questions about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), for example, how it...

May 13, 2008  9:36 AM

Burning in virtual server RAM prevents headaches

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, hardware, Servers, Virtualization

When system administrators receive new servers, they are often anxious to get them unpacked, in the rack and loaded up with ESX so they can start creating virtual machines. But an important first step should be done before proceeding with virtualization software...

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