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Barb Goldworm


April 3, 2008  10:16 AM

Multiple OS images potentially hinder desktop virtualization

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Barb Goldworm, Desktop virtualization, Virtualization

System administrators can't seem to stop gushing about virtualization benefits. Data center folks reduce hardware footprints and lower power and cooling costs by consolidating servers. When IT pros take virtualization to the next level, such as implementing desktop and application virtualization,...

September 13, 2007  9:29 PM

Virtualization 2.0 started at VMworld 2007, analyst says

Posted by: Ryan Shopp
Barb Goldworm, Video, Virtualization, VMworld

Analyst Barb Goldworm explains why VMworld 2007 ushered in a new era in virtualization.  [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] 

May 8, 2007  11:41 PM

Blade Summit update: Power, cooling hot issues; virtual desktops hot topic

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Barb Goldworm, Blade servers

In this quick Q&A, analyst and blade server columnist Barb Goldworm offers her views on the news from vendors and users at last week's Server Blade Summit, which she chaired.  SSV: How big a deterrent to buying blade servers is power and cooling, based on your...

May 6, 2007  12:23 PM

Five cool reasons to use blade servers; one big caveat

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Barb Goldworm, Blade servers

Why use blade servers when your rack servers aren't giving you any hassles? I met up with Craig Newell at the Server Blade Summit this week, and he gave some answers to that question. I've put them in the list below. Newell has more field experience working with blades than anyone else I met at...

May 2, 2007  12:36 PM

Server Blade Summit: Show me the users!

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Barb Goldworm, Blade servers

I know they're here, and today I'm going to meet some in person. For sure. I'm talking about blade server users. I'm at the Server Blade Summit in Anaheim, Calif. On opening day, yesterday, I scanned many-a-badge and identified and talked to 13 IT...


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