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July 19, 2011  10:43 PM

Websites versus Web services, part 2

Posted by: Roger King
the Semantic Web, web applications, web services

In the previous posting, we took a shot at defining the term “web services”. We continue that discussion today.

The quiet growth of web services.

Since part of...

March 28, 2010  8:57 PM

Mozy sure likes to mosey along: a Web 2.0 app with mixed results

Posted by: Roger King
Rich Web Apps, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, web applications, web services

A popular class of web apps. One of the more popular offsite backup services is Mozy. I have two accounts, with each one supporting two computers. One on...

June 2, 2009  4:53 AM

Ambient intelligence: empowering the new Web

Posted by: Roger King
ambient computing, ambient intelligence, RFID tags, The Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, Web 2.0, web services

This blog concerns advanced Web technologies that can be roughly described as being part of the Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web efforts. Most recently, we've looked at technology that will either buttress new Web development technology or take advantage of it. In particular, in the last posting of...

May 3, 2009  3:00 AM

Email addresses, the new Web, and NASCAR.

Posted by: Roger King
free email accounts, namespaces, NASCAR-like web ads, the Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, web services, web-based ads, XML

The Semantic Web.

This blog concerns advanced Web technology, in particular,Web 2.0/3.0 and the Semantic Web. Each blog entry should be...

April 26, 2009  8:09 PM

The world of advanced Web applications: what are they?

Posted by: Roger King
distance education, evernote, GlideOS, mashups, namespaces, social networking sites, tagging, the Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, web services, wikis, XML,

This blog is dedicated to an ongoing discussion of Web 2.0/3.0 and the Semantic Web. The slant is on the technology itself, how it works and what's...

March 11, 2009  8:24 PM

Web services: part of the Web 2.0 & Semantic Web picture

Posted by: Roger King
Multimedia, rich internet apps, Rich Web Apps, the Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Web development, web services

This is the fifth in a series of blogs about the Semantic Web and Web 2.0/3.0. While the sequence of blog posts tell a continuous story, each blog should be fully informative if read out of sequence.

So far, we've discussed the Semantic Web, which is an attempt at automating the process...


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