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April 13, 2010  5:57 PM

The Challenge of Complex Media in a Relational World, Part 1

Posted by: Roger King
blob data, continuous data, databases, Multimedia, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQL Server, tagging, Video

Relational databases: the dominant technology. Relational database management systems, such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, and Postgresql, support the relational model. A database is broken up into tables, and each table consists of rows. Each row is a series of values. ...

May 11, 2009  3:07 AM

The Semantic Web: revealing hidden data.

Posted by: Roger King
databases, DB2, dynamic pages, hidden web content, indexing, MySQL, namespaces, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, static pages, the Semantic Web, triples

The Hidden Web.

The Semantic Web - a primary topic of this continuing blog series - will help us search the web with greater ease. One of...

April 2, 2009  5:59 AM

Full Text searching: cleaver heuristics for managing large web-based document collections.

Posted by: Roger King
databases, documents, full text, full text searching, Multimedia, MySQL, SMIL, SQL Server, the Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, web applications, XML

There is an explosion of technology for supporting sophisticated forms of media on websites and in web applications. In our continuing series on


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