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limited vision


February 25, 2010  10:25 PM

Text display for folks with kaleidoscope vision, part 1.

Posted by: Roger King
3D animation, 3D modeling, Add new tag, limited vision, Maya, rich internet apps, Rich Web Apps, Text, Web 2.0, Web development

I did a series of two blog postings several weeks ago on accommodating people with limited vision. It was motivated by the fact that I have had cornea transplants and cataract surgery, and...

December 15, 2009  4:03 AM

The Web and Folks with Limited Vision

Posted by: Roger King
advanced Web apps, blindness, limited vision, social networking, Text, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Web development, Web development frameworks

I’ve been a little remiss lately in posting to this blog. I try to do it every week, but I’ve recently had one in a long series of eye surgeries, and I have been having trouble reading printed material and computer displays. This blog is about advanced Web technology, and for this posting,...


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