Buzz’s Blog: On Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web:

dynamic pages


September 18, 2009  3:02 AM

Dynamic pages, hidden data, and infered information: the danger of scale.

Posted by: Roger King
assertions, databases, dynamic pages, hidden web content, inferences, next generation search engines, Semantic Web, smart search engines, static pages, triples

The good and bad sides of the powerful Semantic Web. So what happens when the Semantic Web is here? It’s supposed to largely automate the process of searching the Web by...

May 11, 2009  3:07 AM

The Semantic Web: revealing hidden data.

Posted by: Roger King
databases, DB2, dynamic pages, hidden web content, indexing, MySQL, namespaces, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, static pages, the Semantic Web, triples

The Hidden Web.

The Semantic Web - a primary topic of this continuing blog series - will help us search the web with greater ease. One of...


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