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audio editing


January 6, 2012  2:24 AM

More on audio editing: audio formats

Posted by: Roger King
Add new tag, Amadeus Pro, audio, audio editing, audio formats, sound editing

Note: I have trouble uploading images to the IT Knowledge Exchange blog server.  To see this blog posting with its included image go to: sound editing. Editing Sound. We're in a series of postings relating to editing...

December 10, 2011  1:54 AM

More on sound editing: DAWs vs. wave editors

Posted by: Roger King
audio editing, DAWs, non-destructive editing, sound editors, wave editors

Editing Sound. We're in a series of postings relating to editing sound. Previously. See the previous postings on  

November 12, 2011  5:07 AM

More on audio editing: cleaning in the free Amadeus editor

Posted by: Roger King
Audacity sound editor, audio editing, cleaning audio, denoising sound

Recently, we have been looked at the process of editing and cleaning sound.  See the previous three postings: cleaning and 

September 22, 2011  2:43 AM

Great (and inexpensive) sound editors

Posted by: Roger King
Amadeus, audio editing, Audiofile Wave Editor, NCH WavePad, sound editing, Sound Forge Audio Studio, Sound Studio, TwistedWave

In the last posting of this blog, we looked at software to clean audio.  Today, we look at software for editing audio - something that you of course must have before you start worrying about cleaning audio. As it turns out, the programs listed below...

September 3, 2011  2:30 AM

Cleaning voice recordings for Web postings: 3 great products

Posted by: Roger King
Amadeus Pro, audio, audio editing, Bias Peak, cleaning audio, Izotope DeNoiser, Sonnox DeNoiser, Sound Studio, Soundsoap, Wavelab

Important:  I have had a lot of trouble trying to embed images in the IT Knowledge Exchange Wordpress blog, and so if you want to see this posting including images, please see the blog I maintain for my animation students:


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