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March, 2011


March 26, 2011  3:32 AM

Perfect curves: Bezier, part 1

Posted by: Roger King
2D modeling, 3D modeling, Bezier, graphics, vector graphics

Vector versus raster graphics.

There are two very different ways that computer programs can internally represent 2D images.  The first is the way a computer display presents images - as a 2D grid of pixels, each with properties that control its physical appearance.  We...

March 19, 2011  12:55 AM

A fantastic entry-level 3D modeling app

Posted by: Roger King
3D modeling, 3D rendering, Autodesk Maya, bezier modeling, polygon modeling, Strata 3D

3D graphics.

I teach 3D animation and use Autodesk Maya, arguably the most popular, powerful, and complicated general purpose 3D modeling/animation/rendering application available.  While there is a free and functionally complete student version, there is an investment...

March 12, 2011  12:47 AM

An intriguing, mobile use of data management and data mining technology

Posted by: Roger King

Help for people suffering from depression.

I have a friend who is working on his Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  He's been studying a fascinating application of cell phone-based data management and mining.  It has to do with using cell phones to monitor the moods and...

March 5, 2011  10:39 PM

Thanks, gamers, for the killer machine: Powerful hardware mass produced

Posted by: Roger King

My old Dell.

Until recently I had a Dell desktop with a fast processor, a very good graphics card, a lot of memory.  It was not a high end machine, but I would have paid a lot more for it, if it had been necessary.  I teach 3D animation, using Autodesk Maya, and I also...


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