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January, 2011


January 30, 2011  2:48 AM

Visualizing media-rich data: Part 3

Posted by: Roger King

In the last two postings of this blog, we looked at visualizing data using traditional business charts and graphs, and at the complications presented by data that have 

January 22, 2011  11:16 PM

Visualizing media-rich data: Part 2

Posted by: Roger King

So, what makes data difficult to visualize?  In other words, if our goal is to provide an interactive, highly visual way of searching, using, and updating data, what are the big challenges?

The last blog posting.

In the

January 16, 2011  2:36 AM

Visualizing media-rich data: Part 1

Posted by: Roger King

There are many research and development areas in computing that come and go in cycles.  At the top of a cycle, an old challenge is attacked with new supporting technology and new minds - and a significant advance is made.  At the low end of a cycle, only very incremental advances are made and...

January 3, 2011  4:11 AM

The recommissioning of large universities

Posted by: Roger King
higher education, professors, research, research grants, universities

I'm a professor in a computer science department in an engineering school in a major state university.  There has been a quiet, but dramatic change in the way a lot of computer science, engineering, business, and science departments are funded.  It's in response to the increasing difficulty of...


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