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February, 2010


February 25, 2010  10:25 PM

Text display for folks with kaleidoscope vision, part 1.

Posted by: Roger King
3D animation, 3D modeling, Add new tag, limited vision, Maya, rich internet apps, Rich Web Apps, Text, Web 2.0, Web development

I did a series of two blog postings several weeks ago on accommodating people with limited vision. It was motivated by the fact that I have had cornea transplants and cataract surgery, and...

February 17, 2010  12:38 AM

The Parallel Worlds of Media Databases and Media Metadata

Posted by: Roger King
3D modeling, blob data, continuous data, databases, MODS, Multimedia, namespaces, SQL, tagging, Text, the Metadata Object Description Schema, Video

Searching traditional business data: straight-forward. Managing advanced forms of media, such as images, sound, video, natural language text, and animated models have...

February 6, 2010  3:17 AM

The five What? dimensions of mega apps.

Posted by: Roger King
3D animation, advanced Web apps, Multimedia, Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Web development

This blog is (for the most part) dedicated to advanced web research and development, in particular Web 2.0/3.0 and Semantic Web efforts. Please peruse earlier postings for lots of material on both topics. One thing we have discussed are the “


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