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March 22, 2012  7:35 PM

Verizon DBIR 2012 overview, attack mitigation strategies

Posted by: Robert Westervelt
data breach, data breach management, Verizon DBIR, Verizon DBIR 2012

Christopher Porter of Verizon explains some of the findings from the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report. This year, hacktivists had a big impact on the numbers. Attacks are mainly less sophisticated and more automated in nature, Porter said.

May 13, 2011  8:10 PM

Data breaches, spear phishing and application defense

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
data breach, identity theft, Security Wire Weekly

Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove, the former principal research scientist at McAfee Inc., talks about the latest spate of data...

May 6, 2011  12:49 PM

Squad: Cloud failures, privacy issues and data breach woes

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
cloud computing, data breach, Security Squad, Verizon DBIR

Eric Holmquist of Holmquist Advisory joins the SearchSecurity editorial team to talk about the...

April 13, 2011  5:31 PM

Security Squad the data breach edition

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
data breach, Security Squad

The editorial team discusses the latest string of data breaches. RSA continues to investigate its...

November 30, 2009  10:07 PM

Should cities demand data breach penalties?

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
data breach, Security Squad, Web security gateway editors discuss Los Angeles’ inclusion of a data breach clause in their...

September 24, 2009  1:23 PM

Digital forensics, breach incident response

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
data breach, Security incident respnse, Security Wire Weekly

Jim Jaeger, a retired Air Force brigadier general who heads the digital forensics operation at defense industry giant...

June 24, 2009  8:23 PM

Veiled darknet unveiled; TJX settles dispute

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
Darknet, data breach, Security Wire Weekly, TJX

Security researcher Matt Wood of HP talks about a new browser-based darknet he co-developed called Veiled. Also, Pete...

May 15, 2009  7:19 PM

Squad: Data breach burn-out

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
data breach, patching, PCI, Security Squad editors discuss whether the Berkeley data breach warranted so much news coverage...


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