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November 8, 2012  4:12 PM

Gary McGraw on proactive defense, offensive security

Posted by: Robert Westervelt
cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, security industry trends, Security Newsmakers

Software security expert Gary McGraw explains that investing in destructive cyberweapons could have dangerous consequences. He is advocating for a proactive defense approach to cybersecurity.

September 7, 2012  7:10 PM

Google Aurora attackers back with zero-day exploits, new targeted attack techniques

Posted by: Robert Westervelt
cyberespionage, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, hacking

The Aurora attackers, which surfaced in 2009 targeting Google and dozens of other firms are improving their techniques and showing impressive skills, according to new research from Symantec. The group is a threat to U.S. defense contractors and their partners, including manufacturers and parts...

August 3, 2012  7:15 PM

Surviving cyberwar, Preparing for APTs, Stuxnet malware-style attacks

Posted by: Eric Parizo
cyberwarfare, Stuxnet

In the wake of the Stuxnet malware being documented as the most significant example of a nation-state cyberattack to date, expert Nick Lewis discusses how enterprises concerned with surviving cyberwar can begin making preparations.

June 11, 2012  9:00 PM

Demystifying nation-state attacks and their impact

Posted by: Robert Westervelt
cybercriminals, cyberespionage, cyberwarfare, Security Squad

Jim Lewis of CSIS and Stephen Cobb of ESET join the SearchSecurity team in a discussion about the impact that nation-state attacks have on the security industry and the way businesses secure their systems. Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu are being linked to state-sponsored cyber activities, but the real...


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