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July 5, 2012  1:22 PM

Joe Stewart on Flame malware, botnet sophistication

Posted by: Robert Westervelt
botnets, Security Wire Weekly

Flame was designed as a monolithic framework to enable people to carry out attacks without having deep knowledge of software coding or the way malware works, said Joe Stewart, director of malware research at Dell Secureworks. //

July 19, 2011  6:13 PM

Hunting botnets with better detection

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
botnets, Network Security

Damballa botnet researcher Manos Antonakakis talks about the latest botnets and how new technology being developed can...

September 2, 2010  3:56 PM

Joe Stewart: Botnets are hard to bring down

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
botnets, malware

Botnet and malware expert Joe Stewart explains why it is difficult for security teams to take down botnets. Stewart,...

March 4, 2010  5:51 PM

RSA 2010: Microsoft’s Scott Charney

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
botnets, Security Wire Weekly

Scott Charney, Microsoft's vice president for Trustworthy Computing discusses the software giant's latest legal action to...

December 17, 2009  7:57 PM

Conficker worm sill infects millions

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
botnets, Conficker, malware

Security expert Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure talks about the latest on the Conficker worm. The Shadowserver Foundation...

October 14, 2009  8:55 PM

Nuke and pave to eradicate botnets

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
botnets, enterprise botnets, Security Wire Weekly

Security researcher Gunter Ollmann of Damballa discusses the scourge of dangerous enterprise botnets and why the only...

May 13, 2009  6:25 PM

Botnet threats and countermeasures

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
botnets, Security Wire Weekly

AT&T Labs' Brian Rexroad shares how the telecommunications giant detects and defends its network against botnets....


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