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July 31, 2011  10:07 PM

Hotmail Beefs Up Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
hijack, Hotmail, Microsoft, password, phishing, spam

Have you ever gotten a message from a friend that turned out to be spam or a phishing attack--perhaps a message your friend didn't really send, and probably isn't even aware of? Of course you have. Microsoft has added some new features to Hotmail to try and prevent such things. The new Hotmail...

July 27, 2011  3:48 PM

Symantec Report: Rise in Attacks Targeting Mobile Users

Posted by: Tony Bradley
malware, phishing, security, spam, Symantec

The July edition of the Symantec Intelligence report combines research and analysis from the MessageLabs Intelligence Report, and the Symantec State of Spam &...

June 30, 2011  10:12 PM

Cisco Report–Email Attacks: This Time It’s Personal

Posted by: Tony Bradley
cisco, email, phishing, security, spam, spear phishing

In the complex and ever-changing landscape of online crime, cybercriminals have made a fundamental shift in strategy, abandoning traditional mass spam attacks in favor of personalized attacks with a greater financial impact on targeted organizations, according to

June 24, 2011  9:39 AM

Survey Uncovers Risky Misperceptions on Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
antivirus, G Data Software, malware, porn sites, security, spam

G Data Software has

April 30, 2011  8:23 PM

Standard Data Breach Response Plays Into Attacker’s Hand

Posted by: Tony Bradley
data breach, email, phishing attack, spam

Whenever a data breach occurs, the compromised company responsible for losing your data eventually reaches out to inform you that your sensitive personal information may have been exposed in some way. The message typically comes with assurances that the company values your privacy more than life...

April 18, 2011  4:01 PM

Message Labs Reports Rise in ZIP File Spam

Posted by: Tony Bradley
botnet, Coreflood, Intelligence Report, malware, Message Labs, Rustock, spam, ZIP file

The first quarterly report from Message Labs for 2011 sends mixed signals about the state of spam. With the Rustock botnet being killed off in March (


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