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Sony Playstation Network


May 29, 2011  11:36 PM

A Tale of Two Cyber Attacks

Posted by: Tony Bradley
authentication tokens, Lockheed-Martin, RSA Security, SecurID, Sony, Sony Playstation Network

Lockheed-Martin was the target of a 'significant and tenacious' cyber attack, and Sony has been plagued by attacks for a month now. However, the results...

April 30, 2011  8:33 PM

What Sony Doesn’t Know Might Hurt You

Posted by: Tony Bradley
data breach, network forensics, PSN, Solera Networks, Sony Playstation Network

Details are still a bit sketchy on the Sony Playstation Network data breach. At this point, it is stil hard to tell if Sony is not sharing details because it is trying to cover something up, or because an investigation is pending and it doesn't want to give away what it knows, or because it simply...


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