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May 31, 2011  4:41 PM

Second World Cybersecurity Summit in London This Week

Posted by: Tony Bradley
East-West Institute, EWI, Microsoft, Second World Cybersecurity Summit, Trustworthy Computing

The East-West Institute is hosting the Second World Cybersecurity Summit in London June 1 and 2. The EastWest Institute (EWI) was founded in 1980 to bridge technical divides across the Iron Curtain. Now, it...

May 27, 2011  11:37 AM

See How Strong Your Password Is With Tool From Microsoft

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, passwords, security, strong passwords

Your passwords are the keys to your personal data and sensitive information. You have passwords for various online sites like Facebook, or Twitter, or Amazon. You have passwords for your banking and credit card sites. Guessing your username is generally trivial, so the password is really all that...

May 25, 2011  11:22 AM

Apply Modern Security to Legacy Software with EMET

Posted by: Tony Bradley
EMET, enhanced mitigation experience toolkit, Microsoft, Windows

Windows 7 is more secure than WIndows XP. Period. Likewise, Office 2010 is more secure than Office 2007. It is not that WIndows 7, or Office 2010, or any other new OS or application is magical, it is just the natural evolution of things. New technologies are introduced. New attack techniques are...

May 25, 2011  10:47 AM

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v10

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Apple, Mac Defender, Mac OS X, malware, Microsoft, phishing, rogue AV, security, Security Intelligence Report, SIR

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v10. The report aggregates relevant computer and network security data from more than 600 million PCs across 117 countries--providing a comprehensive...

April 13, 2011  7:47 AM

All Software Needs a “Patch Tuesday”

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Lumension, Microsoft, Norman, patch, Patch Tuesday, security bulletin, update

Microsoft often takes a fair amount of heat and ridicule for its Patch Tuesday--especially ones like this month where Microsoft published 17 new security bulletins...

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March 26, 2011  6:54 PM

Microsoft Says Hotmail HTTPS Glitch Resolved

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Bahrain, email, encryption, HTTPS, Iran, Microsoft, Nigeria, Sudan, webmail

Yesterday, I wrote a post deriding Microsoft for disabling HTTPS on Hotmail accounts in regions where encrypted communications can literally be...

March 26, 2011  1:15 AM

Microsoft Leaves Freedom Fighters Vulnerable by Turning Off HTTPS

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Bahrain, encryption, Gmail, Hotmail, HTTPS, Iran, Lybia, Microsoft

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reports that Microsoft has disabled the option to have all Hotmail communications encrypted with HTTPS in a variety of countries, including...

March 21, 2011  9:54 PM

Use Microsoft EMET to Reduce Risk of Attack

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Adobe Flash, data execution prevention, DEP, EMET, enhanced mitigation experience toolkit, exploit, Microsoft, vulnerability

Today, Adobe patched a critical security flaw in Flash Player that impacted Flash Player, Acrobat, and Reader. When Adobe announced the vulnerability last week, it noted that...

March 4, 2011  9:54 PM

Three Security Bulletins Planned for March Patch Tuesday

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, Office, patch, Patch Tuesday, security bulletins, update, vulnerability, Windows

Next Tuesday is a big day for more reason than one. It is Fat Tuesday--a day to consume decadent paczkis and kick off Mardi Gras. It is also Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for March. Patch Tuesday comes quick when the first day of the month is a Tuesday. Microsoft has only

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