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May 31, 2011  4:08 PM

Malicious Apps Sneak Into Android Market Again

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Amazon, Android, Android Market, Google, malware

A new collection of malicious Android apps was available over the Memorial Day weekend from the official Android Market app store. As many as 120,000 Android devices were...

March 7, 2011  5:59 PM

Chuckling Safely from Within the “Walled Garden”

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Android, Android Market, DroidDream, Google, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Trojan app

Apple runs a tight ship. It is very particular about its hardware, and the user experience. It has stringent controls, and sometimes seemingly capricious or arbitrary guidelines restricting the types of apps that are allowed in the Apple App Store. Some might say it is controlling, or that Apple...


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