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July, 2011

July 31, 2011  10:34 PM

Experts Warn of Threat from Stuxnet Variants

Posted by: Tony Bradley
script-kiddies, Stuxnet, ThreatPost, worm

Stuxnet was a highly targeted worm seemingly developed by the United States and/or Israel with the specific intent of disrupting the Iranian nuclear program. Unfortunately, the genie is out of the bottle, and now the techniques used in Stuxnet are available to any script kiddie--placing the...

July 31, 2011  10:28 PM

Congress Wants ISPs to Retain Data for 12 Months

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Congress, HR 1981, ISP, privacy, retain data, ThreatPost

Do you want your ISP to keep records of when you are online, and/or the sites you visit while you're there? They do. There are a variety of reasons--some better than others--for why an ISP might need this information in the short term, but a bill making its way through Congress would compel ISPs to...

July 31, 2011  10:23 PM

Best Practices to Prevent Data Breaches

Posted by: Tony Bradley
best practices, data breach, PCWorld, privacy breach, security

Major companies and government agencies--companies and government agencies we rely on to protect our networks, our data, and our nation--are being hacked left and right in recent months. It may seem futile, but all is not lost. Small and medium businesses in particular, though, need some simple...

July 31, 2011  10:14 PM

Anonymous Hacks FBI Contractor

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Anonymous, FBI, hackers, LulzSec, ManTech

The fun never ends with the AnonyLulz, or Lulzymous..whatever--those hackers that don't know when to quit and walk away and continue to kick the hornet's nest. Now, Anonymous has hacked into ManTech, a government security contractor that works with the FBI. Lest we question the veracity of the...

July 31, 2011  10:07 PM

Hotmail Beefs Up Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
hijack, Hotmail, Microsoft, password, phishing, spam

Have you ever gotten a message from a friend that turned out to be spam or a phishing attack--perhaps a message your friend didn't really send, and probably isn't even aware of? Of course you have. Microsoft has added some new features to Hotmail to try and prevent such things. The new Hotmail...

July 31, 2011  9:58 PM

Mac Malware Still Prowling About

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Backdoor Olyx, Mac, malware, Microsoft

I know that the whole MacDefender thing isn't making headline news everyday anymore, but that doesn't necessarily mean that attackers are done with Macs. On the contrary, Pandora's box has been opened, the Mac has made it onto the attacker's radar, and Mac users probably have a lot more of this to...

July 31, 2011  9:53 PM

Reward: $250,000 for Information on Rustock

Posted by: Tony Bradley
botnet, Microsoft, reward, Rustock

Microsoft used a combination of technical and legal manuevers to effectively shut down the Rustock botnet earlier this year. Just because the ongoing threat has been stifled doesn't mean Microsoft is done pursuing it, though. A post on the Microsoft Privacy and Safety blog...

July 28, 2011  6:57 PM

Hackers Nab Info on Virtually Everyone in South Korea

Posted by: Tony Bradley
china, Cyworld, data breach, hackers, personal information, social network, South Korea

Millions of customers had information exposed when Epsilon was hacked. When

July 28, 2011  1:38 PM

Bitdefender Launches Total Security 2012

Posted by: Tony Bradley
antimalware, Bitdefender, Internet security, malware protection, PC security, Total Security 2012

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July 27, 2011  3:48 PM

Symantec Report: Rise in Attacks Targeting Mobile Users

Posted by: Tony Bradley
malware, phishing, security, spam, Symantec

The July edition of the Symantec Intelligence report combines research and analysis from the MessageLabs Intelligence Report, and the Symantec State of Spam &...

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