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November 12, 2008  2:11 PM

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Released

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Cybercrime, Malware, Phishing, Security, Security management, Vulnerabilities

For the past couple of years, Microsoft has been issuing a semi-annual report on the security threat landscape. The latest version of the Security Intelligence Report (SIR), v5, was released last Monday....

October 30, 2008  3:13 PM

Clickjacking Attacks Are Ocurring in the Wild

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Browsers, Clickjacking, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Malware, Security

Less than a month after the clickjacking exploit came to light, sporadic reports of users falling victim to the attack are beginning to surface.

October 23, 2008  8:29 PM

Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Bulletin MS08-067

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Critical update, Malware, Microsoft Windows, Remote Code Execution, Security, Security bulletin, Vulnerabilities

Microsoft just released a critical update for a "privately reported" vulnerability in the server service:

This security update resolves a privately reported vulnerability in the Server service. The...

October 2, 2008  8:12 PM

Beware Google AdWords Phishing Attack

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Cybercrime, Malware, Phishing, Rootkit, Security

Criminals are targeting Google AdWords customers with phony emails requesting the victim download a 128-bit SSL certificate. A client received this version (there are quite a few variations):

September 21, 2008  5:10 PM

Beware of the Fake Video Codec Malware Trick

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Cybercrime, Malware, Security, Social Engineering, Trojan

A variant of Win32/Zlob is being spread by cybercriminals via the fake video codec trick. Through misdirection or outright deception (including social engineering), users are sent to a site that has...

September 19, 2008  1:30 AM

Antivirus XP 2008/2009 Malware Up the Ante

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Cybercrime, Malware, Virus

According to US-CERT, the cybercriminals who are foisting fake antivirus programs, such as   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

September 13, 2008  6:32 PM

Software for Secure Computing: Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Anti-virus, IRC bot, Malware, Microsoft Windows, Secure Computing, Security

It's funny how sometimes we take for granted things like Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT). That's probably because it doesn't do much to make its presence known. Every month, Microsoft offers MSRT (

September 12, 2008  2:22 AM

Bootable Thumb Drive Virus Scanner Saves the Day

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Hacking, Linux, Malware, Security, Trojan

Forgive me if I brag a bit in this post, but I think I earned the right. You be the judge. Last weekend, I noticed strange behavior on my home system. ESET Smart Security kept reporting that it had "found and quarantined m.exe,...

August 23, 2008  2:39 AM

Oscarbot.UG Eludes Detection with Intelligent Stealth

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Cybercrime, Malware, Opinion, Phishing, spam, Virus

According to Panda Security, the Oscarbot.UG virus, first detected on August 17, 2008, uses...

July 31, 2008  3:32 AM

Thwart malware attacks with a hosts file

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Malware, Security

I'm flattered that Windows Secrets took my suggestion and published an article based on it. (Thanks, Scott!) I can't give you a link because the article is only available to paid subscribers of the newsletter, but I will give you an...

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