January 7, 2011  4:38 PM

PandaLabs Releases 2010 Annual Security Report

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Cyber warfare, Cybercrime, FakeAV, Malware, Panda Security, Rogueware, Virus, Worm

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December 21, 2010  8:17 PM

Anatomy of an Attack: Four must-watch videos from Sophos

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Cybercrime, FakeAV, Malware, sophos, stuxnet, Video

These videos, produced by data protection firm Sophos, are very well done and give a real insight into the current state of cybersecurity. You'll also be presented with some related resources, including a very cool "Threatsaurus," a 120 page PDF that runs down the a-z of computer and data security...

December 2, 2010  9:26 PM

Hackers Target Holiday Trending Topics on Twitter to Spread Malware

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Hacking, Malware, Panda Security, Social media, Social Networking Hacks, Twitter

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November 30, 2010  6:49 PM

Shortened URLs Can Hide Malicious Sites

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Malware, Security, Security best practice, URL shortener

There's no question that URL shortening services like tinyurl.com and bit.ly are useful.  After all, it's a lot easier for me to send "http://tinyurl.com/23gycsl"than it is to send "http://www.subscriberstronghold.com/freetraining/theanswersexposed.php?hop=jvrodger," not to mention that it takes...

November 28, 2010  5:59 PM

One-Third of All Malware Created in First 10 Months of 2010

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Malware, Panda Security

On Wednesday, PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, reported that one-third of all malware in existence was created in the first 10 months of 2010. The average number of malware threats created every day, including new malware and variants of existing families, has risen from...

November 20, 2010  10:07 AM

Malware is Now a Trillion-Dollar Industry

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Banking Fraud, Botnet, Cyber-criminal, Cybercrime, Malware, Phishing

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November 13, 2010  2:26 PM

Microsoft Pushing Microsoft Security Essentials via Update Provokes Anger

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Malware, Microsoft, microsoft security essentials, Opinion, Panda Security, Trend Micro

According to The Register, Panda Security and Trend Micro are attacking Microsoft for offering Security Essentials (MSE) via MS Update because Redmond is "restricting choice." I take issue with that. Microsoft is only offering MSE download via update to Windows users who aren't already...

September 21, 2010  1:59 AM

ClearCloud: Another Safe Computing Solution

Posted by: Ken Harthun
ClearCloud DNS, Malware, OpenDNS, Security

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September 12, 2010  12:07 AM

Do You Have the ‘Here You Have’ Email Worm?

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Email security, Email worm, Malware, Security, Worm

[caption id="attachment_896" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption=""Here You Have" Worm | Source: Securelist.com"]

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