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July 31, 2012  10:00 PM

Redux: Security Baseline for Small Businesses

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Instrusion prevention, Security, Security management, Wireless security

This story bears repeating. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Many small business owners treat their business computers like their home computers; they run minimal security and engage in unsafe computing practices. This isn't my opinion, mind you, it is based on my...

October 21, 2008  5:00 PM

The Four D’s of Cyber Security: Deny, Discriminate, Detect, & Destroy

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Instrusion prevention, Intrusion detection, Password, Security, Security management

This is an interesting and sensible approach to security.  I would call these the "Logics of Cyber Security" because they're so basic they could well be the principles upon which all cyber security can be based. The paper's authors call them "first principles," defining such as "...a basic...

August 31, 2008  4:30 PM

CERT Says Linux is Under Attack

Posted by: Ken Harthun
CERT, Cybercrime, Instrusion prevention, Intrusion detection, Linux, Rootkit, Security, Vulnerabilities

It had to happen sooner or later; as Linux gains an ever-increasing foothold (Linux market share to reach 7% in 2008 ) in the market, it will become a viable target for criminal hackers. According to the U.S. Computer Emergency...

April 17, 2008  7:05 PM

Top Five Personal Firewalls

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Firewalls, HIPS, Instrusion prevention, Intrusion detection, Security, Vulnerabilities

How well does your personal firewall protect you? GRC's Leak Test, PCFlank, and Bob Sundling's


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