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July 14, 2013  7:42 PM

How to defeat online surveillance

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Big Brother, cyber security, Cybersecurity, Encryption, InfoSec, Infowar, Security

By now, we all know that each of us is being monitored: All of our electronic communications, email, Internet traffic, cell phone transmissions, faxes, even landline (which is really all delivered via microwave towers these days) is being intercepted and recorded in massive data centers run by the...

December 12, 2010  3:04 PM

InfoWar: Cyber Hactivist Group Anonymous Attacks WikiLeaks’ Founder’s Swedish Prosecutors

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Botnet, Cyber warfare, DDoS, Hacking, Infowar, IRC bot, WikiLeaks

The Hacktivist group, Anonymous, has targeted WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange's Swedish prosecutors among other targets that have taken action against WikiLeaks. This is all a part of "Operation: Payback" which has now expanded into "Operation Avenge Assange."  This poster has been being passed...


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