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August 16, 2009  9:51 PM

Is Linux Security as Bad as Microsoft Windows “Security?”

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Attack Surface, Critical update, insecure, Linux, Opinion, Security, Vulnerabilities

Linux proponents often gloat over the seeming lack of security vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel when compared to Microsoft Windows; Windows proponents counter saying that Linux is just enjoying “security through obscurity.” Seems the Windows people may be justified to some degree as...

August 11, 2009  2:22 AM

Twitter Attack: Whodunit and How? Whonose?

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Attack Surface, DDoS, Denial of Service, Security, Twitter Attack

Speculation abounds over who was responsible for the DDoS attacks that affected Twitter--and to a lesser degree, Facebook and LiveJournal--this past Thursday. Various sources, including CNN and

August 7, 2009  6:50 PM

Shrink Your Attack Surface

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Attack Surface, Microsoft Windows, Secure Computing, Security, Vulnerabilities

I’ve heard this phrase bandied about in Linux forums and in the occasional blog post, but it’s something I never considered relative to the security of Windows boxes.  There’s an awful lot of research on the subject and it boils down to this: The larger the attack surface, the more...


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