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July, 2014


July 22, 2014  2:34 PM

Highly effective security: Protect data on mobile and removable media

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun

We all carry mobile devices be they phones, iPads or other tablet devices, USB drives or laptops. By their very nature, these devices are easily lost or stolen making the data on them at risk of compromise. It's important to protect the actual devices from loss, but perhaps it's even more important...

July 17, 2014  5:28 PM

Humor: Password tattoos

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
humor, Passwords

Tired of resetting certain students' passwords numerous times (will they EVER remember them?), this administrator replied to an instructor's request for a password reset with this email:

It’s on the way to you. Please send him to see me ASAP for his tattoo. My new...

July 17, 2014  4:15 PM

Stop electronic surveillance with typewriters?

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
Security, SPYING, Surveillance

In the wake of recent news about Germany's considering using typewriters instead of computers to thwart electronic surveillance, one has to ask the obvious question: Huh? Oh, they have to be manual typewriters. Electric ones just won't do (you can plug in a keylogger to an electric one,...

July 11, 2014  6:14 PM

Highly effective security: Secure your mobile devices from loss

Ken Harthun Ken Harthun Profile: Ken Harthun
Laptop Security, Mobile device security, Security, smartphone security, Tablet PCs

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are certainly convenient; however, due to their portability they are security risks. It's just too easy to lose or misplace these devices and when this happens, all of your personal data stored on them is at risk of being compromised. You...


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