November 30, 2010  7:43 PM

Why Will Some People Fall for Anything?

Posted by: Ken Harthun
E-mail scam, Nigerian 419 Fraud, Phishing

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November 30, 2010  6:49 PM

Shortened URLs Can Hide Malicious Sites

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Malware, Security, Security best practice, URL shortener

There's no question that URL shortening services like and are useful.  After all, it's a lot easier for me to send ""than it is to send "," not to mention that it takes...

November 29, 2010  11:45 PM

Anti-virus Protection: It Isn’t Enough Anymore

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-virus, Endpoint protection, Vulnerabilities, Zero-day vulnerability

If your business is still relying solely on an anti-virus program to protect you from all the bad stuff out there, then it's vulnerable on several fronts. AV software is designed for one thing and one thing only: to protect systems from threats that are already known or those that are as yet...

November 29, 2010  4:18 PM

What the Heck are Intrusion Detection Systems?

Posted by: Ken Harthun
IDS, Intrusion detection, Intrusion prevention, Open Source

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November 28, 2010  5:59 PM

One-Third of All Malware Created in First 10 Months of 2010

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Malware, Panda Security

On Wednesday, PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, reported that one-third of all malware in existence was created in the first 10 months of 2010. The average number of malware threats created every day, including new malware and variants of existing families, has risen from...

November 25, 2010  5:15 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Readers Who Celebrate the Holiday!

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Security, Video

Whether or not you celebrate the American holiday known as "Thanksgiving Day," I ask you to take a moment and reflect on things that you have to be thankful for. Me, I'm almost overwhelmed this year by the blessings I reflect upon:

  • A new, healthy grandchild (who was born premature, but...

November 25, 2010  3:28 AM

Hey, Crackers, Spammers, and Other Assorted Idiots, Let’s See Something Original!

Posted by: Ken Harthun
crackers, Cyber-criminal, Fraud, porn spam, spam

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November 20, 2010  3:09 PM

Identity Exposure Index (iEi) Can Improve Over Time

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Identity Exposure Index, Identity Theft, Secure Computing

In 2009 April, I introduced the concept of an Identity Exposure Index (iEi) in my post, What’s Your Identity Exposure Index? In 2009 May, in response to a reader's...

November 20, 2010  10:07 AM

Malware is Now a Trillion-Dollar Industry

Posted by: Ken Harthun
Banking Fraud, Botnet, Cyber-criminal, Cybercrime, Malware, Phishing

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