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January 16, 2008  8:30 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Storm Trojan

Posted by: Leigha
Application Security, Data Breaches and Identity Theft, Information Security Threats, Microsoft Security, Network Security, Platform Security, Privacy, Security Management

Valentine's Day isn't for another month, but that's not stopping controllers of the Storm Trojan from using the holiday theme to trick users into downloading the malware. A posting on the SANS Internet Storm Center Web site describes...

January 4, 2008  1:05 PM

Why is Sears tracking users’ Internet activity?

Posted by: David Schneier

It seems that Sears, which sells just about everything under the sun, has decided to get into the spyware business too. The retail giant recently has come under fire from a researcher at CA who discovered that

November 29, 2007  1:27 PM

Where to find the best IT security news roundups

Posted by: Leigha
Application Security, Data Breaches and Identity Theft, Information Security Threats, Laws, Investigations and Ethics, Microsoft Security, Network Security, Platform Security, Privacy, Security Vendor News

Bill BrennerA...

November 20, 2007  3:09 PM

Missing in the UK: Discs with 25 million records

Posted by: Leigha
Data Breaches and Identity Theft, Information Security Threats, Privacy

This news should be unsettling to every family in the UK with kids under 16: The BBC is reporting that two computer discs housing their names, addresses, birth dates, National Insurance numbers and, in some cases, bank details has gone missing. Chancellor Alistair Darling urged calm, saying...

August 9, 2007  9:48 AM

Fighting click fraud with premium clicks

Posted by: David Schneier
Application Security, Privacy

As the effectiveness of online ads has continued to grow, so has the problem of click fraud. Criminals discovered some time ago that botnets make especially efficient means for perpetrating large-scale click fraud schemes, and they have been refining their techniques for years. Syndicators and...

July 31, 2007  2:29 PM

Benevolent keyloggers: Stroke of genius or hitting the wrong key?

Posted by: Eric Parizo

Keystroke loggers are nothing new. Often surreptitiously installed on a user's PC, keyloggers record keyboard actions and log them, or subsequently upload the data to a third party. It was more than three years ago when the

July 23, 2007  11:19 AM

Privacy is the new battleground for search providers

Posted by: David Schneier

Microsoft is trying to upgrade its image in the privacy community a bit and on Monday the company, along with, called on other search providers to come to the table for a discussion on how best to handle user search data for advertising purposes while still protecting users' privacy. The...

June 15, 2007  10:21 AM

Google hostile to Privacy, AOL, Apple a ’substantial threat’ warns group

Posted by: Robert Westervelt

Privacy International, a privacy watchdog group released the interim results of a six month study of privacy practices of Internet...

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June 14, 2007  1:30 PM

New Hampshire posts treasure trove of security breach documents

Posted by: David Schneier
Data Breaches and Identity Theft, Privacy

There are a few states that demand that organizations that suffer security breaches that compromise customer data report those incidents to the state as well as the affected individuals. One of those forward-thinking states is New Hampshire, and the state' has gone a step further and decided to...

June 12, 2007  4:04 PM

Google: Meet the new privacy policy, same as the old privacy policy

Posted by: David Schneier

One of the few speed bumps in the road to Google's domination of the world has been concerns around its privacy policies. The company has been dinged by critics for a litany of perceived offenses, including selling ads against keywords found in Gmail messages, and most notably, the amount of time...

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