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April, 2012

April 27, 2012  5:25 PM

CISPA intelligence information sharing bill passes House, headed to Senate

Posted by: Robert Westervelt
cybersecurity, federal cybersecurity, government security

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), clears security vendors of any liability for sharing customer attack data with the government. A new cybersecurity bill designed to foster

April 26, 2012  12:24 PM

For data security, cloud computing customers must accept a DIY approach

Posted by: Jane Wright
Amazon cloud services, Cloud Security, cloud transparency

Earlier this week, Context Information Security revealed the astonishing findings of its investigation into a sampling of four cloud service providers (CSPs) - Amazon EC2, Gigenet, Rackspace and Context found unpatched...

April 25, 2012  2:55 PM

Amazon cloud services: AWS Marketplace offers one-click cloud security

Posted by: Marcia Savage
Amazon cloud, Amazon cloud services, AWS marketplace, Cloud Security, cloud security services

The new AWS Marketplace, launched by Amazon last week, is an interesting development on the cloud security front. The

April 24, 2012  1:11 PM

Spam filter gets better of Microsoft SDL—almost

Posted by: maxsteel
Microsoft SDL, Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), SOURCE Boston 2012, Trustworthy Computing Initiative

You’d have to be a serious security curmudgeon to try to pick holes in the Microsoft SDL. The company’s security development lifecycle...

April 19, 2012  1:04 PM

Experts differ on European ‘cookie law’ advice

Posted by: Jane Wright

Many IT managers in the U.K. are in a quandary right now as they decide how, and how far, to comply with the impending

April 18, 2012  4:12 PM

Cloud security vendors win funding for technologies

Posted by: Marcia Savage
cloud, Security, technologies, vendors

The rush to the cloud can often make security an afterthought, but if recent funding announcements are any indication, the VC community wants to reverse that trend.

CloudPassage, Cloud Lock and Symplified are among the

April 12, 2012  1:49 PM

The importance of using a full security threat definition

Posted by: Jane Wright

How do you define a security threat? If you’re like most IT security professionals, your

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April 11, 2012  1:53 PM

Cloud transparency gets boost with Azure addition to CSA STAR

Posted by: Marcia Savage
Azure STAR, cloud transparency, CSA STAR

Cloud transparency remains a highly coveted but seemingly elusive wish for organizations. How can you trust a cloud provider with your data if you don't know what security...

April 9, 2012  4:49 PM

IT security and business alignment: It’s time to ease off IT security leaders

Posted by: maxsteel
Business IT alignment, IT security leaders

There probably isn’t a more consistent theme we write about than the alignment of IT security with business goals: Understand your business first,...

April 5, 2012  12:32 PM

Prepare now for more stringent U.S. data privacy laws

Posted by: Jane Wright

BOSTON -- Privacy is a fog rolling in over the land. That’s how Jeff Northrup, IT director of the International Association of Privacy, described personal information privacy...

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