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July 25, 2011  5:18 PM

Improved Network Security

Posted by: Eric Hansen
3.0, firewall, improvements, ipset, iptables, linux, network, security, tcp

With Linux 3.0 coming up around the corner, I thought it would be good to discuss some (possible) future improvements and additions to the kernel.  While this is already in the 2.8 branch (which was created before the official 3.0 was announced), it'll be interesting to see what is carried over....

July 18, 2011  5:23 PM

Encryption Strengths

Posted by: Eric Hansen
encryption, security, vulnerable

There's a lot of talk saying that you need to use at least 1024-bit keys for encryption to be beneficial now, due to the power of technology and what's been developed. While I agree that the lower the bit strength, the easier it CAN be to break, I do not think there's a set "standard" of sorts of...

May 14, 2011  10:41 AM

Security Vulnerability in WHMCS 4.4.2

Posted by: Eric Hansen
security, Vulnerability, WHMCS

Recently I ventured into WHMCS, and decided that I did not like that the "company title" was a text instead of image.  With this in mind, I began experimenting with the "company title" setting in WHMCS' admin panel, and discovered that it's prone to a potential security flaw.

March 29, 2011  10:56 PM

Enable HTTPS By Default

Posted by: Eric Hansen
Apache, default setting, how to, HTTPS, Lighttpd, LiteSpeed, PHP, security

With the recent issues of Microsoft removing HTTPS from Hotmail in some countries, and Comodo's...

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February 25, 2011  1:04 PM

Software VPN vs. SSH: Which is better?

Posted by: Eric Hansen
configuration, debate, ease of use, security, speed, SSH, VPN

In the IT world lately there's been a lot of buzz about VPN, and how to effectively use it for remote administration.  During this time, it seems a lot of people are forgetting the roots of remote administration (at least within the last few years), when VPN was just starting to get recognized...

November 6, 2010  10:23 AM

SSH Security (Part 2)

Posted by: Eric Hansen
authentication, certificate, security, SSH

In the last part, there was a lot of planning, and preparation, for setting up SSH to use certificates instead of passwords to authenticate a user. Now comes the configuration and trial-and-error portion. First thing I'm going to cover is the sshd_config file (config file for the SSH daemon),...

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