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January 3, 2012  3:38 PM

Linux Viruses

Posted by: Eric Hansen
2012 Paranoia?, linux, Virus

First off I want to wish everyone a...

October 12, 2011  1:00 PM

Bash Script for SSH Key Generation

Posted by: Eric Hansen
Bash, Key Generation, linux, Scripts, SSH

I've mentioned a good couple of times here on how to set up SSH key authentication, as well as some benefits to it.  But, I was always wondering how (and if) I could make it more automated.  Then it hit me, there's always ssh-keygen's wonderful man pages!  A good hour or two later, I've come up...

September 28, 2011  7:06 PM

Linux & Windows 8 Secure Boot

Posted by: Eric Hansen
linux, Secure Boot, UEFI, Windows 8

While I normally don't write about Windows on here, ITKE asked me via Twitter to write down my thoughts about the controversy surrounding Linux and Secure Boot, Windows' answer to what TrueCrypt and BitLocker have been doing for a while now.  I'm not going to be biased and say that Windows is the...

July 25, 2011  5:18 PM

Improved Network Security

Posted by: Eric Hansen
3.0, firewall, improvements, ipset, iptables, linux, network, security, tcp

With Linux 3.0 coming up around the corner, I thought it would be good to discuss some (possible) future improvements and additions to the kernel.  While this is already in the 2.8 branch (which was created before the official 3.0 was announced), it'll be interesting to see what is carried over....

June 29, 2011  11:46 AM

New checksum method

Posted by: Eric Hansen
bash scripting, Checksum, linux

I got an interesting article in my inbox today in regards to using extended attributes to create checksums. While I don't know if this will pick up to be a de facto standard way of distributing checksums, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

April 14, 2011  9:59 PM

New Naming Scheme for Linux Devices

Posted by: Eric Hansen
biosdevnames, em, eth, Fedora, linux, NIC, PCI, Virtualization

In the recent May 2011 magazine Linux, page 64 offers an article about Fedora wanting to redo the Fedora device naming scheme, saying that it will be based on the device's ID and not the name anymore (which is also referred to biosdevname in Fedora's documents). Now, first off, I will say that I...

April 11, 2011  10:56 AM

The Start of a Penguin

Posted by: Eric Hansen

I wasn't going to write about this just yet, because I don't believe April is Linux's birthday, since Linus didn't post on the MINIX newsgroup until August 26, 1991 (but did started working on Linux in April 1991).  But, since everyone is calling this the Linux Birthday Month basically, I thought...

March 31, 2011  1:58 PM

Sandbox 101: Polishing Skills

Posted by: Eric Hansen
improving techniques, linux, Sandbox

Continuing on with my virtualization fixation as of late, I would like to address something else to those who read my blog. As we all know, improving (and learning new) skills is a never-ending event in the IT world. The moment you stop doing this, it's the moment you can easily be replaced. ...

March 21, 2011  2:35 PM

Installing Nagios on Linux Part 2: Installing the Plugins

Posted by: Eric Hansen
HIDS, IDS, linux, Nagios

In part one of this series, Installing Nagios Part 1: Handling the Core, I talked about how to install Nagios' core to get the fundamentals up and running.  This time, I will be...

March 20, 2011  11:42 PM

Installing Nagios on Linux Part 1: Handling the Core

Posted by: Eric Hansen
HIDS, IDS, linux, Nagios

When it comes to intrusion detection systems (IDSs), there's more than a handful...

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