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June 24, 2011  2:51 PM

Simple battery check script

Posted by: Eric Hansen
bash scripting, battery, check

Like most people, I have Linux installed on my laptop. However, with the way I have it set up, I don't have a readily-available battery monitoring widget/app/etc... to tell me when my battery's going to die. Even though my laptop is almost always on the charger now, I still decided to cook up a...

May 28, 2010  6:47 PM

Port Checker

Posted by: Eric Hansen
bash scripting, check, port

A while ago, I got bored and decided to venture into the realm of scripting.  Managing server after server, typing "netstat -ntlup | grep..." got annoying after a while, so I decided to write this. The script requires the runner/user to be root.  Which is flawed, I know, but this works for...


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