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September 13, 2010  10:36 AM

SSH and the alias Features

Posted by: Eric Hansen
.bashrc, alias, SSH

When working with any *nix-based system, I've found that SSH becomes a part of your life...almost as if you're married to it for the 9 (or 12...) hours you are at work.  But, I see many people just constantly type the same command over and over again.  While I'm not going to cover the ideals as...

July 4, 2010  2:09 PM

.bashrc, meet SSH…aka: recovery-godsend

Posted by: Eric Hansen
.bashrc, alias, bash scripting

I have SSH access for both my home network, and my work.  The idea to implement this came from the fact my work actually does this already.  Instead of typing ssh <commands> you just type na <hostname/ip> and it'll do the dirty work for you.  At first, I thought the "na" command was...


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